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Friday, 14 September 2018

I had childhood trauma for the wrong reasons!

Dear Friends: Since everybody and his/her brother is coming out of the woodwork lately about sexual molestation and exploitation when they were younger I might as well come clean and recount my experiences as well!

When I was going thru puberty there was a bunch of us guys who hung around together and I...., being a smart-alec....., and also very A.D.H.D. left out of a lot of stuff because people found me irritating!

Now that we got that out of the way......, this brings us to "Jack."

Jack was the  neighbourhood's friendly alcoholic queer and on Friday or Saturday nights would take some of the boys for a crop tour in his big ol' 1956 Oldsmobile 88. (Even let them drive once in a while....., remember we lived out in the country!)

Now the reason for these rides was that one kid always got to stay behind after the 'tour' and Jack would give him a BJ......... sort of like a 'climax' to the evening. (Sorry)

Needless to say your humble reporter was traumatized by all this since I was an irritating kid and never got invited on these little trips...... while just about every other kid in the neighborhood did over the course of that summer.

In other words, I felt really left out folks, and that stayed with me for years!

Yup, I was an outsider and I was developing complexes because of it! 


P.S. As far as I know none of us guys were, or are queer......., but like most other horny adolescents we just liked getting an occasional BJ from Jack because at that age there sure weren't any girls that were going to do it!
P.P.S. Eventually somebodys parents found out about this and NOBODY was ever allowed to talk to Jack again! 

  The way I see it anyway!
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