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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

R.I.P. America

Guest post by: Jay Bazzinotti: One useless man is a damn shame; two is a law firm; 3 or more is a Congress.

The US has had it. It’s in steep decline. It’s pretty much over and this will become apparent over the next 20 years at most. It’s tragic because it’s unnecessary.]

The US deficit spending is absolutely out of control and the Republicans continue to cut taxes with no thought of the consequences. Right now because the US is spending like a drunken sailor with a credit card the economy is booming but you cannot build prosperity on credit. When the economy turns - and it will - the deficits will skyrocket when all the built-in corrections kick in such as unemployment and social service safety net. But the Republicans are killing those things so people will be on the street.

The biggest threat from the deficit spending is the interest that must be paid on the debt. It is the third largest line item in our budget, about 300 billion dollars. That money could have been used for infrastructure. Not anymore. It’s now used to pay baby boomers for retiring and to foreigners who own 25 percent of our debt.

In the meantime, the US continues to spend more on defense and less on infrastructure. The US is falling apart.

Social Security is in serious trouble and will suffer a major collapse within 20 years at most. The solution to fix it is simple - remove the tax cap on reductions but the Republicans are instead going to privative SS which will cripple the elderly who will lose everything with every changing business cycle.

The Republicans are working to cripple the environment in ways we haven’t seen since the 1960s. It’s just a matter of time before the rivers are on fire again. Climate change will turn the midwest food factories into a desert. The Great Lakes are down 9 feet now; Lake Meade is nearly empty.
Hate and division haven’t been worse in my memory, perhaps not since the Civil War. The animosity towards women, minorities and LGBT are stunning.

The loss of freedom in the name of security is appalling. America is becoming a police state where for-profit prisons drive the laws so people can be arrested to fill the prisons. We already see this now.
The Russian have already compromised the government and the US will stand idly by and abandon its allies when the Baltics are invaded next year, and the Ukraine.

The Republicans are crippling the public school system, especially for minorities to keep them down. Even college loans have resulted in 1.5 trillion dollars in debt. Only the rich will be able to go to college.

Americans have no savings, not for retirement and not to pay off their credit cards. The unsustainable debt will crush them. There is no place for the elderly.

Religion here is joke, a warlike nationalistic theology that worships a character called “Rambo Christ” and believes that white people are superior.

Healthcare costs are crushing the country. People are being enticed to take drugs they cannot afford and even a minor accident results in bankruptcy and homelessness.

The US is a train heading for a cliff with no bridge.
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