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Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday Morning Confusion About RoboCalls! |


First there were 31,000 (THOUSAND)  complaints of Conservative wrong-doing during the election.

Then it wasn’t only the Conservatives.

Then it might not have been 31,000.


It’s 700, and they are all over the map.

SOON, it might be a couple of hundred, or maybe 50, or twenty.

Listen folks, in case ya missed it, your much maligned reporter suggested at the start of this whole thing that maybe the entire scandal was a Liberal invention nine months after the fact ….., since they didn’t have anything else to pin on the P.C.s.

Matter of fact, Bob Rae is still going on about the Conservatives as if he hasn’t heard the latest revised figures at all.

But then again, knowing Bob Rae, maybe he hasn’t!

After all, ignorance is bliss!

Saturday Morning Confusion About RoboCalls! |