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Monday, 27 August 2012

Hatchet man hooked! |




Dear Readers;

First the headline, and then we shall discuss some of the behind the scenes rhetoric.

BRAMPTON, Ont. – Police say they have made an arrest in the case of a single mother whose body parts were found scattered in Toronto area waterways.

Peel Regional Police have not released any details but have scheduled a news conference for noon Eastern Time.

Guang Hua Liu (GWANG-WAH-LOO), 41, was reported missing on Aug. 11, one day after her friends dropped her off in front of a now-defunct spa she used to own called Forget Me Not Health Centre in east Toronto.

One of the stories floating around was whether the massage parlour she owned we a ‘therapeutic shop’ or one of those “rub and tug” stores that for all intents and purposes is a whore house. I guess we will never know for sure, but there is one thing I would like to point out.

If we are going to call a whore house by some other euphemistic name, let’s not sugar coat it by referring to it as a “Rub and Tug!”

Call it what it really is…………………………….... “A Slurp and Jerk!”

Your ‘up close and personal’ reporter;

Allan W Janssen

Hatchet man hooked! |