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Friday, 24 August 2012

Who should we support, Arab or Jew? |




Dear Readers;

This article came out a few days ago, but your diligent reporter found out that not everyone has seen this “must read’ work yet!!!!!!


So let’s get this straight.

An annual hate-the-Jews day called Al-Quds Day, invented by the late Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khomeini, was “celebrated” at the Ontario Legislature. One protester even showed up with the flag of the terrorist group, Hezbollah–easily spotted, given that it’s a picture of a fist grasping a machine gun.

So that’s all fine–anti-Israel demonization, pro-Iran propaganda, with the flag of a banned terrorist group.

Not only is that fine by the speaker of the Ontario Legislature, but a full complement of Toronto city police were there, too.

But when a pro-Israel counter-protester unfurled an Israeli flag, he was warned by police that if he didn’t move along, he’d be arrested, and charged with incitement to riot.

Did you get that? Fly the flag of a terrorist organization, get Toronto police protection. Fly the flag of the democratic state of Israel, and Toronto police tell you to pack it, or face criminal charges.

Another counter-protester was arrested for walking his dog at the protest site. See, some fundamentalist Muslims find dogs to be unclean. So the Toronto police arrested the dog owner after a minor scuffle with one of the protesters. It was a licensed dog, on a leash. But Shariah law was the law of the day at Queen’s Park on Saturday.

The dog owner, Allan Eintoss, was told by police that he was not showing proper “sensitivity.” He was told by police that his name was going into a file. He was held in handcuffs for half an hour. Just to restate: The pro-Iran, pro-Khomeini protesters, flying a Hezbollah flag, were receiving police protection. But a pro-democracy counter-protester was handcuffed for walking his dog “insensitively.” Got it.

In Canada, we believe in freedom of speech –even for Jew-hating, dictatorship-praising bigots. Even if they’re mouthing Iran’s foreign policy propaganda. Even if they’re flying terrorist flags.

Well, that’s not quite true, is it? I mean, it’s true for those kind of anti-Semites. But would a group of white supremacists be able to hold a rally at Queen’s Park, flying swastika flags, saying the exact same thing about Jews and Israel? Would police have intervened to arrest counter-protesters then?

Sun News’ David Menzies called up the Ontario Human Rights Commission–the busybodies who are constantly suing people for the crime of hurting someone’s feelings. They preach non-stop against the evils of discrimination and hurt feelings, of thought crimes.

When Menzies told them the hate rally in question was a pro-Iran rally, the OHRC said they wouldn’t intervene–not their business, they said.

That’s no surprise. In the 30-plus years that Canada has had human rights commissions and hate speech laws, not once has an extremist Muslim, Sikh or Tamil been charged with hate speech. Only whites are–particularly low-income, blue-collar whites, typically for things written on obscure Internet chat sites.

This is not a call for censorship against the Al Quds racists. Racism shouldn’t be illegal. But the double standard of the human rights censors is further evidence that those star chambers should be shut down as useless, obsolete and one-sided.

No, the real problem highlighted here isn’t the racist ralliers or the useless HRC. It’s the politicization of the police. How, in the name of “tolerance,” our police are doing the intolerable. How, to protect the feelings of bullies, the police themselves have become bullies.

That is the outrage of the weekend. Not foreigners acting like barbarians. But our own police doing so.


It seems to me as if the left wing supports the Palestinians and Arabs if for no other reason than the right wing supports the Jews.

This is nuts folks, and it’s about time some of our erstwhile ‘respectable’ journalists get in the real world and stop with the P.C. bullshit!

Maybe the rest of us will get it straight then.

Who should we support, Arab or Jew? |