Your humble reporter doesn’t think Mitt Romney will win the next election, but just to be on the safe side I must inform you that if he does, that character that we have all grown to love and respect, BIG BIRD, will be no more!
That’s right kids, Romney has stated that he will cut funding to Sesame Street if he is elected and we cannot let this happen …………….., the well being and happiness of our children depends on it!
Not only would he destroy a national institution, but the destruction of Sesame Street, and death of Big Bird, would cut to the heart of the 47%.
I don’t normally endorse one side or the other in a political contest folks, but this goes against everything I have come to know and love about public broadcasting.
Let’s face it, cutting Sesame Street in the States would be like killing off Mr. Dress Up or The Friendly Giant here in Canada!
What we need is a concentrated action plan to make our voice heard south of the border, and I urge you, dear readers, to write your local newspaper, or broadcast outlet, and let them know how much this threat means to you!

It’s only through a united front that we can protect our beloved institutions boys and girls!
We don’t want culture to dry up here in North America and suck the life out of us folks, leaving us all shriveled and empty.
Only action on the part of each and every one of us will ensure the protection of our precious bodily fluids!

Your ‘ever vigilant’ scribe;
Allan W Janssen