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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Flooding on the 14th floor!

Dear Readers;
This is one of those stories where I couldn't decide whether to send out the Perspective Research Department, or the Naked News Staff.
Well, the nudists won out, and I sent them to Sarnia to follow up on a story about flooding on the 14th floor of the apartment building my mother lives in.
First you have to know that the building is right on the lake and all the apartments face either north or south. Mom is on the south side so she had an easy time of it, but her friend who lives up on the 14th floor and faces north, (the lake) got flooded!
Seems that during the height of the storm, winds were blowing straight down Lake Huron at 100 kmh and bringing torrential rains with them. This in effect was like having a wall of water blowing horizontally against all the windows and patio doors and it didn't take long before there was a foot of water in the northern apartments, with the situation getting worse the higher up ya went!
Then this pent up water started flowing down, floor by floor, until the entire northern half of the building was swept out to sea! [sic]

Mom says she will miss her friend!

(Story by Miss Demeanor)