<– Santa back at home

Dear Readers;
Your humble reporter has reason to be VERY humble this afternoon after we published erroneous reports this morning that Santa Claus had been shot outside a Portland Oregon home!
It seems the Perspective Research Department didn’t do enough “research” before informing the Naked News Staff of the incident!
Seems they got the news from a local Portland news service, and didn’t double check the story before passing it on to the news department.
What actually happened was a burglar, dressed in a Santa suit, was shot by a homeowner.
(Although the part about an assault rifle, and 12 to 15 shots were quite accurate!)
We are happy to report that Santa himself  is back home in the North Pole finishing up some paperwork for this years trip, as this photo, taken this afternoon, shows! –>
The Old Elf informs us that the day after New Year, he and Mrs. Claus will be on their way to their retreat in the Turk and Caicos Islands for a few weeks of R and R before getting down to next years Christmas plans!