I got this in the mail today and we are reproducing it here to make a few points.

But, I would like to start off by saying that whoever sent this to me has got the wrong idea of why I parody and ridicule religion. (With particular emphasis on Christianity and Islam.)

First of all, this book sounds like hate literature to me! I wouldn’t buy it because it appears to be nothing more than a thinly disguised piece of anti-Islamic propaganda written in such a way as to inflame and discredit the religion as a whole:

A book like no other on this earth.  Not a few cartoons or an infantile movie trailer but 234 page novel which insults Islam like no other.  A parody of the always drunk proprietor of “Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel” with his completely ridiculous life exposed.  This moronic child molestating coward and fool who bumps his way through life oblivious to his manipulation as the figurehead of another new religion.  Learn about his adopted son and heir Ali, the biggest swish ever to sashay across Arabia while sadistically running Mecca’s largest boy’s brothel.  Only $9.99 to laugh at, mock, and ridicule those fanatics who do not enjoy being ridiculed.  A well written and extremely funny parody at Amazon.com.
 Also: There is a subtle effort to dissuade Americans from buying or reading this parody.  The Mullahs of Radical Islam HATE the fact that we in the West can still purchase this book.  They are pressuring and threatening Amazon to stop offering the novel for sale.  They demand a world wide ban with criminal penalties under Sharia Law.  Out of 6,000,000 Amazon books “How Fatima Started Islam” has the second lowest review rating, why, because Amazon has been flooded with well over 100 negative reviews with the lowest possible rating, reviewers who openly state that they would never ever buy or read a book insulting The Prophet, yet they take the time to tell you not to read it.  The second lowest rating is a badge of honor, it shows how much the Ayatollahs of BAGHDAD and DAMASCUS and the murderous terrorist who killed our ambassador and burned our embassy in BENGHAZI  do not want you to buy HFSI. Do not let these radical tin pot madmen, who think they rule the world and everyone in it, dictate to you what you may or may not read; purchase this important, well written, and extremely funny book.

While we here at BlogsCanada.ca and Allan’s Perspective point out and ridicule various aspects of Christianity and Islam that we find fault with, it is not our intention to denigrate these religions as a whole, and therefore will not endorse this book.
Especially when it is promoted this way:

 Observe the never sober Mohammad having sex with camels, pre-adolescent girls and boys, the mutilations, murders, terrorism, sneak attacks, back stabbings and mental illnesses.  Absolutely no other novel is similar.  Stick up for America by sticking it to Radical Islam.

Why even mention it then?
Simply to let people who would write to us know what we are about ……………………., and what we are NOT about!
Criticism is one thing kids, but hate is a whole different ball game!