The previous article about Alanis Morissette got me thinking of the Middle East problem once again, and although the last article I wrote on this subject was rather tongue in cheek, I have some serious thoughts on the subject, which I would like to share!
Rather than solve the crisis in no time flat, I’m afraid the solution is not attainable at this time!
That’s right kids, your diligent author and reporter is going to side with the far left on this one! Until Israel stops building settlements in the West Bank there will be NO peace in the Middle East!
Much as I hate to admit it, Israel does not want peace at this time and they are playing a waiting game so that they can eventually settle, and take over the West Bank, and possibly Gaza as well.
Yes boys and girls, it makes perfect sense!
Just keep doing what you’re doing, and gain more territory, and eventually you will have the whole kit-and-caboodle!
It doesn’t do much for peace ………………….., but it’s great for land acquisition.