Somehow the term “terrorist” and “Canadian” in the same sentence seems to be an oxymoron……………..,  at least, that’s what we always thought!
“CSIS is currently aware of dozens of Canadians — many in their early 20s — who have travelled or attempted to travel overseas to engage in terrorism-related activates in recent years,” he told the committee.
“I think the threat remains roughly at the same level. But it has morphed, though, into something that’s harder to get your hands on.”
imagesCAAEIDTGFadden says Canadians who join militant groups do so for many reasons.
“You have a range of people who want to seem self-important among their own groups, to other people who are motivated by a deep sense of religious wrongdoing. I think in the middle, where we’ve found most of the people, it’s largely individuals who feel that the Muslim world is under attack and that somehow Canada is contributing to that.”
I don’t know about you, folks, but when my parents brought us over here from Europe in the fifties, it was the best thing that could ever have happened to us! I thank God every day that I’m a Canadian, and can’t understand the mindset behind these guys that live amongst us, yet plot to do us harm!
The government of Algeria claims Canadians took part in an attack on an oil facility in that country. Meanwhile, investigators in Bulgaria says a Canadian citizen helped carry out a deadly attack on a tourist bus in that country last year that killed five Israeli tourists and a bus driver.
The one thing that puzzles me is why no one alerted authorities about these people while they were here in this country, since ya don’t engage in shit like this without attracting attention in your own community!