There were about 300 people injured, and my heart goes out to those hurt, but the way it was described in the paper leaves me a little confused!

The crash, which involved several vehicles, including a large passenger bus and several semi-trucks, happened just before lunch.

A bus passenger tweeted a photo of what he called a massive pileup, but he added that everyone on the bus was all right.
angelNow I’m no mathematical genius, but it seems to me that a lot more than ‘several vehicles‘ would have to be involved for 300 people to be hurt.

Unless, of course, it was another one of those accidents like last year, when a two seater airplane went down in a cemetery in Newfoundland, and by the time it was all over they had dug up 720 victims!

The RCMP in Saskatchewan also issued travel warnings and closed highways due to heavy snow, winds and icy conditions.