This is perhaps one of the best examples of extreme left-wing, radical, politically correct assholes that I have ever seen!

Their ringleader is Lexi Nisita, and she wrote an amazing article for Yahoo fashion that I find absolutely incredible!  (As in disturbing and nutso!)

Not only that, but her article set off another whole  batch of publications that parrot her crazy assumptions.

What she said was that this picture of Michelle Williams (Who stars in ‘OZ, the Great and Powerful’) dressed as an Indian is RASCIST and DEGRADING!


Listen folks, this isn’t some jerk in blackface, it’s just a broad with a bad haircut and a feather in her hair.

Does this mean that if I put a kilt on a black guy it’s racist?

Or dressing a Scotsman as an Arab is demeaning?

Or Cher as an “Oktoberfest” maiden is humiliating?

………………………….. How about a Swede as a Samurai?

………………………… Or an East Indian as a Gypsy?

THEN, to make matters worse kids, she went so far as to say that the quote from The Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like home” was actually a reference to the genocide of ………….., ah never mind, I’ll let you read it for yourself!

The worn jeans, plaid shirt, beads, and feathers only serve to deepen our concern and reinforce the fact that this is no accident. Plus, the tagline “there’s no place like home” is actually very pointed in this instance, given the fact that thousands of Native Americans were forcefully ousted from their homes (not to mention slaughtered and denied full rights of citizenship) when European settlers came to this continent. The line is, of course, a reference to Ms. Williams’ recent role in Oz The Great And Powerful, but if that’s all they meant, they should have just dressed her up as Dorothy.
Pretty much the only thing we can do here is balk. Why was this produced and published? Who approved this idea? On what planet is this okay or called for, by any measure? Though it doesn’t usually change anything, when creative imagery is found to be offensive by the public, artists usually say something about how political correctness shouldn’t interfere with the direction of their art. But what’s particularly ridiculous about this photo is that we can’t imagine what lofty artistic goal could possibly call for this kind of offense against a people who are still marginalized in many ways today. Whatever it may be, we’re not interested.
I don’t know about you folks, but it’s stuff like this that makes me want to go home and lock the front door, draw all the curtains, and tell the rest of the world to fuck off!

The only sane people left are me and you bunky, ……………………, and I’m not so sure about you!