Two separate (pardon the pun) and very different subjects here. The only common denominator is that both are full of shit!
MONTREAL — Federal constitutional guarantees on the use of English in Quebec “will disappear” with an independent Quebec, Jacques Parizeau said Saturday, urging the sovereignist Option Nationale party to both consider and decide what would replace them.“Once we are rid of constitutional constraints,” he asked — without answering — “where will we go with regard to the Anglophones, for example? What rights will we recognize?
“I’m not here to make comments on your [party] program,” he said. However, “get rid of the Supreme Court [of Canada] and there will be no guarantee in the constitution for English schooling,” he said. “All that will disappear. Will we go back to the original Bill 101?”
The former Parti Québécois premier was speaking to an audience mostly under 35 years of age and gathered at a weekend convention to build the fledgling pro-independence party.
That’s right kids, if you’re an English speaking type person then ya might as well just pack up and move, because it will be illegal to speak anything but FRENCH!
Next, there is a private company  that is sending a couple to Mars in a two person spaceship.
The outer walls if the ship will be filled with water because it also acts as a radiation shield during the trip.
Now what happens as they use the water, you ask?
Authorities said the Inspiration Mars spacecraft could leave Earth with its walls lined with bags of drinking water and food. Then, as the astronauts consume these provisions over time, the empty bags could be replaced with others that the craft’s occupants had filled with solid and liquid human waste.
No shit!