This is just another in a long list of shit coming out of Quebec that makes absolutely no sense …………., but is typical French!
(And they wonder why they are called “The Greatest Second Raters in the World! -Theodore Sturgeon)

QUEBEC – The Quebec government has introduced a new initiative that encourages cabinet ministers to speak only French to their counterparts from other provinces and Ottawa.
Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Alexandre Cloutier says the change is only a guideline, not a restriction.
Cloutier says the French-only guideline refers to exchanges by Quebec cabinet and deputy ministers during ministerial meetings.
He told a news conference in Quebec City today the ministers are free to use English in letters and during informal meetings with their Canadian counterparts.
Cloutier adds that ministers may explain subjects in English with their anglophone counterparts when they see fit.
He says the initiative is part of the Parti Quebecois’ plan to push its sovereigntist agenda and get more powers from Ottawa.