Well folks, we had this same debate here in Canada when Pierre Trudeau implemented the “War Measures Act” during the October Crisis of 1970!
This was during the time when Trudeau was asked just how far he would go to bring order back to Quebec by a CBC reporter, and his answer was……………. “Just watch me!

imagesCA0V4H4TFormer GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has slammed US law enforcement for responding to the Boston Marathon bombing with “police state tactics.”In a post on the website of libertarian activist Lew Rockwell, Mr. Paul said Monday that the governmental reaction to the tragic explosions was worse than the attack itself. The forced lock-down of much of the Boston area, police riding armored vehicles through the streets, and door-to-door searches without warrants were all reminiscent of a military coup or martial law, Paul added. “The Boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city,” according to Paul.
However, state and local officials have continued to defend their decision to shut down much of Boston for the Tsarnaev manhunt. At the time they did not know whether the suspect had more explosives or fellow conspirators, and they did not want to risk another tragedy.
Spin it any way ya want folks, but the fact of the matter is that Ron Paul has a point!