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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bullshit beats brains!

As I sat down in the living room 'The Mrs. Herself'  turned on one of those public television forums that featured a bunch of theologians and academics discussing religion and the higher morals.

This wouldn't normally hold my attention for too long except that the guys in question were exceptionally bright, and the conversation was bouncing along at a good enough clip that I wasn't getting bored or sidetracked by other things.  

By this I mean that when the train of thought was on a philosophical level, the comments were astute and insightful, and only when someone injected their own personal dogma into the fray did it suddenly turn nonsensical as critical thinking was thrown out the window!

That's right folks, it was amazing to me how a  conversation could be so schizophrenic in its composition according to how it was approached.

How could anyone be so logical and orderly in their thinking, and then suddenly do a hard left or right the moment theology was brought into play.

For example, I noticed that one thread in the discussion was followed much the same way a mathematician would work out a theory of some sort, and it was a beautiful thing to behold! 

Then,  someone else jumped in with some mumbo jumbo they had been indoctrinated with as a child, and the conversation immediately began to unravel as common sense was left by the wayside.

It was almost like having a real life conversation with Forest Gump.

It whole thing sort of made sense, but then it didn't!

Finally, I couldn't take it any more and had to turn it off!

(Seems the religious guys won again. Bullshit beats brains every time!)