Meanwhile, one of the two men accused of plotting to derail a Via Rail train under guidance from al Qaeda has travelled to Iran, CTV News has learned, while the other man fought deportation from Canada.
imagesCAZ82Q4RSources report that Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, travelled to Iran within the past two years. The PhD student is also reported to have received terrorist training.
His alleged accomplice, Toronto-area resident Raed Jaser, 35, was almost deported from Canada in 2004 because of fraud convictions. But because he was listed as a stateless Palestinian, Canadian authorities had nowhere to send him.
On top of all that ………………………………, before Chiheb Esseghaier became one of two suspects in a plot to bomb a VIA Rail passenger train, the doctoral student was known to the tenants in a Montreal apartment building as a neighbour from hell, according to a report by La Presse.
“He would scream like a maniac at all hours,” remembered a man identified only as Michel, who lived in the same 20-unit Rosemont complex. “Near the end, I couldn’t take it anymore.”
Mr. Esseghaier’s Kijiji-recruited roommates appeared to concur. According to the building’s concierge, “hygiene issues” at one point forced one of them to leave in a huff, slamming the door on his way out.
The concierge added Mr. Esseghaier was a “very religious man, very devout.”
18441-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Chubby-Nude-White-Woman-Holding-Her-Brests-And-Looking-Shockingly-Down-At-The-Weight-Depicted-On-A-ScaleOthers simply remembered him for his penchant to endanger the building with fire.
One time, he set off the smoke alarm after cranking up all four of his stove-top elements to dry a shirt. Another time, he moved his charcoal barbecue inside, alleging it was too windy outside.
“He lit briquettes. There were flames,” a tenant told the newspaper.
Tunisian-born and only recently granted permanent residency status in Canada, Mr. Esseghaier remains officially registered as a doctoral student at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), a research arm of the Université du Québec.
His erratic tenancy record is part of why, when officers finally arrested Mr. Esseghaier Monday, he was effectively homeless.
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The Harper government has given three United Nations rapporteurs permission to come and probe Canada’s record on human rights, treatment of aboriginals and discrimination against women, as Canada was scrutinized Friday by the UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva, the National Post has learned.
“While we look forward to talking about our human rights record, we also take the UN’s review with a grain of salt,” said a government official. “Some of the countries ‘reviewing’ Canada, like Iran, have abhorrent human rights records. This is a country that hangs guys and stones women.”
CNSPhoto-Hansen-GolbergCanada’s Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Elissa Golberg, was prepared to face questions about Canada’s treatment of indigenous peoples and aggressive support of Israel at the UN review, which member nations must submit to every four years. –>
By the way kids, here are some of the countries that are, or have been on, the Human Rights Council in the past few years: Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan,  North Korea. Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia.
Sylvester Stallone is mourning the loss of his beloved pup Phoebe who was found dead of an apparent coyote attack earlier this month. R.I.P.
No word on WHEN he will get back to work!
2013-02-23T011008Z_1_CBRE91M039A00_RTROPTP_2_TELEVISION-US-GLENNBECK-WWEGlenn Beck conspiracy theory: A Saudi national was involved in the Boston Marathon attack, Glenn Beck alleges. US officials reject the notion and dismiss the ‘evidence’ as so much bureaucratic paperwork.
Glenn Beck has spent lots of time in recent days alleging that the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out by a conspiracy that revolved around a shadowy Saudi national questioned by police in a Boston hospital in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.
OK, is he just winging it here, or does the ex-Fox, now-independent radio and Internet video host have any real evidence for this charge?
He says he does, unsurprisingly. On his show Wednesday morning Mr. Beck produced a document that he claimed is an official US “event report” showing that the Saudi in question is a bad, bad man who was on a no-fly list and already subject to visa revocation.
Saw an ad for Justin Trudeau today in which he counters the attack ads of the past few weeks, and although I hate to admit it, I was impressed!
Police spokesman Lars Bystrom says a small amount of drugs and a stun gun were found when officers raided the empty bus parked under the Globen concert venue in Stockholm, where Justin Bieber was performing Wednesday.
Bystrom said Thursday they have no suspects and no one has been arrested. He declined to identify the drug, saying it had been sent to a laboratory for an analysis.
It was just weed folks, and there were no actual weapons discovered ………………, just a stun gun. After all Justin is a Canadian, not some American cowboy like Ted Nugent!
New measurements suggest the Earth’s inner core is far hotter than prior experiments suggested, putting it at 6,000C – as hot as the Sun’s surface.
This is about 1000 C – hotter than expected, so if you feel your feet getting a bit warm ya now know why!
Regina, which promotes itself as the jewel of the Prairies, is the target of a devastating alien attack in the latest edition of the Avengers comic book, a plot line that has many in the city wondering, “Why Regina?”
“Things get really weird and it’s kind of difficult to explain,” comic book store manager Shane Hnetka said Thursday when asked about the story.
In Avengers No. 10, which was released Wednesday, the superhero team investigates what happened after an “evolution bomb” was dropped on Regina.
It’s believed to be the first time a mainstream comic book has used the city for a principal location, but Tourism Regina won’t likely use the result as a promotional brochure.
The bomb wreaks havoc on the Queen City, destroying buildings and apparently mutating its population of 200,000 into shrunken, yellow-skinned creatures with saucer eyes.
In the comic’s panels, Regina’s cityscape looks only vaguely familiar. There are also towering bone-like protrusions rising from the city, an apparent after-effect of the evolution bomb.
Bizarre tentacles rise up from Regina following the alien attack, featured in Avengers No. 10.Bizarre tentacles rise up from Regina following the alien attack, featured in Avengers No. 10. (Marvel Comics)
While Regina does not fare well, Hnetka says it is a pretty big deal for the city to be featured so prominently in one of Marvel’s most popular comics.
CBC News contacted the publisher of the comic to learn more about the creative choices made for the latest edition, but the lead writer was not available for an interview.
In a statement, Marvel said it is trying to give a global perspective to the Avengers stories.
Regarding the choice of setting, the statement said, “In the city of Regina, we got to further flesh out the incredible Canadian landscape into the Marvel universe and expose our readers to a hidden gem from our northern neighbours.”