Well boys and girls, we had a lot of comments this past week on Muslims and Islam………….., for obvious reasons.
This is the latest!
yeah, i think Aaani is right,as a christian i dont think islam should be blamed at all times,muslim are being discriminited against in western countries because of their religion.Islam has a hidden secret because i used to see some christians converting to islam but i’ve never seen a muslim who has converted to christianity.    LIVE LONG AND PROSPER

Just two comments here:
First of all, the spelling and grammar mistakes preclude anyone taking this guy seriously to begin with. (Especially the “live long and prosper” thing.)
Second, the reason ya don’t see Muslims converting to Christianity that often is because they can still KILL you for Apostasy in many countries.
How is this for a weird ‘app’ on your phone folks!
Because Iceland has less people than here in London, Ontario (Iceland – 320,000) there is an ‘app’ you can buy that tells you if someone you just hooked up with is a relative …., or not!
Developed by three young software-engineering students at the University of Iceland, it lets users instantly compare their lineage by bumping their mobile devices together. The app includes an “incest-prevention alarm,” says Arnar Freyr Adalsteinsson, one of the developers. “When you bump, it shows your nearest common ancestors. If you bump with someone who’s too closely related, you get an alarm sound and a text warning.”
The app draws on an Icelandic genealogical database called Islendingabok, or Iceland Book, which traces the lineage of all the country’s current inhabitants, in some cases going back to 9th century settlers. The app, called IslendingaApp—yes, Iceland App—this month won a contest organized by the university to celebrate the database’s 10th anniversary.
Icelandic citizens have long been able to use the national database for genealogical research, including access via mobile phone. An ad by a local mobile-phone operator a couple of years ago showed a couple lolling happily in bed after a romantic interlude, only to have their smiles disappear when they consult the database on their smartphones.
I remember when I was a young teenager I had a thing for my cousin…….., until my dad explained to me that: (1.) She was my first cousin, and therefore out of bounds, and (2.) we didn’t live in Kentucky!
Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP this time next year, which is a shame since it is the best operating system they have!
The United States is exploring how to save money on security by charging a toll to Canadians crossing the border by ground – a possible new traveller’s tax that immediately raised fierce opposition from political and business leaders in both countries.
Previous attempt to hike fees for incoming travelers have prompted particular objection from politicians in northern states, who argue that levies charged at the Canadian-U.S. border are being used cover the more significant security issues in the south. In a budget hearing, Western New York congressman Brian Higgins expressed his opposition to the study, by stressing the long-term economic consequences. “I was shocked to see a proposal for a new toll at the northern border,” he said in a statement. “I will fight to put the brakes on this shortsighted fee.”
Robert Wolfe, professor of policy studies at Queen’s University, suggests that the Homeland Security study seems particularly geared to determining the cost of putting the fee in place – rather than giving full consideration of the economic consequences down the road. “This isn’t a new idea, it’s probably been around for a while,” he said. “And one can expect that in the context of an agency under tremendous budgetary pressure, someone says, ‘Let’s dust this one, and do a study and see if we can get some money out of this.’”
Canadian officials, Prof. Wolfe says, need to make sure the larger questions get asked. “We know that any kind of transaction tax has some effect,” he said. “How many people wouldn’t buy a ticket to a baseball game in Detroit, who wouldn’t go shopping in Watertown in upstate New York?”
I remember talking to Walt Grealis at his office on Eglinton Ave when he was just starting to explore the idea of a national music awards show that is now known as “The Junos!”
When he finally got it going (With the help of  a host of other people in the broadcasting and entertainment industry) I have to admit that it was sort of a mickey mouse operation for the first few years.
My how things have changed!
Last night “The Junos” was a truly exciting affair with lots of glitz, glamour, fashion and suspense.
Matter of fact, it was the sort of production that did us proud, and made a lot of Canadian artists very happy!
I think Pierre Juneau would have liked it as well!