Many people across the middle of the country were outdoors this weekend enjoying the long-awaited spring weather. Temperatures climbed into the double digits in both Regina and Saskatoon Saturday, with many people wearing shorts and enjoying the sunshine on patios.
Much the same in Ontario and further East.
Meanwhile,  those S.O.B.’s in British Columbia have been laughing at us for quite some time now!
imagesCA1PH32AAnd with the warmer weather it’s time to party…………….., Brandon police were busy locking up brawling drunk girls on Friday night and early Saturday.
The first incident happened at the Christopher Campbell Memorial Skate Park.
Police were called at 10:21 when young kids reported being intimidated. Four young females, all intoxicated, were arrested and lodged to prevent further problems. They were released Saturday morning with tickets for underage drinking. One of the girls was 15, the others 16.
At 1:31 police were called to a fighting group of girls near 11th Street and Victoria Avenue.
The four girls — three 15, one 13 — were taken into custody for the night and presented with drinking tickets upon their release.
The 13-year-old was also out past her court-ordered curfew and was charged with breach of probation, a charge she’ll face in front of a judge May 21.
EDMONTON — An Edmonton-area mother who was deported after drowning her two sons told an Aussie newspaper that she is considering having babies again.
“I wouldn’t say no,” Allyson McConnell told the Australian, when when asked if she would like more children in the future.
McConnell pleaded guilty to drowning her two-year- and 10-month-old sons in their bathtub in 2010.
Last year, after a court found that she did not have criminal intent needed to get a conviction of second-degree murder, McConnell was given six years for manslaughter.
The sentence was reduced to 10 months after considering time spent waiting for the trial.
An appeal, however, has been filed by the Crown to have McConnell face the original charge of second-degree-murder.

“There have been a lot of things written about me being a bad mother,” McConnell told the Australian.
“I wasn’t a bad mother. I was actually a very loving mother. But you never hear about that.
“At the moment, I’m just trying to get over what has happened. It’s been as upsetting for me as much as everyone else involved. I think about them every single day.”
“I don’t think people realize this has had a serious effect on her too,” her mother, Helen Meager, told the paper. “She’s not well and we still have the appeal to get through. Right now we want to get her better, and settled.”
If the appeal is granted, Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis said the province will attempt to extradite McConnell to face trial.
Ian Goulbourne doesn’t need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to know hurling footwear at children isn’t the best method of discipline.
imagesCA0V4H4TThat’s why he’s still baffled as to why a vice-principal at Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School would throw his shoe at students on a bus, striking his sleeping 14-year-old son in the forehead, while on a field trip to Montreal Wednesday.
“My stomach turned right over,” Goulbourne said. “This is a person you put all your faith and trust in to look after your kids.”
Another example of how low some people in this world will stoop, kids
A woman allegedly told friends and neighbours that her nine-year-old son he was dying from cancer in order to bilk thousands of dollars from people looking to help out.
Susan Stillwaggon, 35,  has been charged with theft by deception, forgery endangering the welfare of a child and using a child to commit a criminal offense,
gfDown in the states, Republican senators on Sunday pressed U.S. President Barack Obama to intervene in Syria’s civil war, saying America could attack Syrian air bases with missiles but should not send in ground troops.
Pressure is mounting on the White House to do more to help Syrian rebels fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, which the Obama administration last week said had probably used chemical arms in the conflict.
NEWS FROM CALGARY, KIDS! — Rocker Tommy Lee is beating the drums for Alberta to nix any encore of the Calgary Stampede’s chuckwagon races.
The Motley Crue bad boy, whose band is playing in Calgary today, took time out on the weekendy to send a letter to Alberta Premier Alison Redford urging her to halt the annual rangeland derby.
Personally, we here at the Perspective Research Department, along with the Naked News staff, think that Tommy Lee should spend more time minding his own business, since the only thing he is qualified to give an opinion about is “blow jobs!”