A British judge at one time described Qataba as “Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe.”
The Birmingham Mail says
Whitehall was refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court for the removal of the radical cleric by the Court of Appeal.
Despite the latest setback the Government immediately vowed to continue the legal fight to remove the terror suspect to Jordan.
Last month, Court of Appeal judges in London backed an earlier ruling that Qatada, also known as Omar Othman, could not be deported over fears that evidence obtained through torture would be used against him.
It was announced today that the Court of Appeal has refused permission for the Home Secretary to challenge March’s ruling at the highest Court in the land.
But the Government is to persist with its bid by applying directly to the Supreme Court for permission.
In 2009 the Law Lords ruled that the hate criminal could be deported to Jordan where he is wanted on terrorism charges.
But 2001 the extremist, who claimed asylum when he arrived in Britain in September 1993 on a forged passport, has successfully thwarted every attempt by the government to deport him — because he might face torture in Jordan.
This is a man, if you can call him that, who in 1995 issued a “fatwa” in which he justified the killing of converts from Islam, their wives and children in Algeria.
abu_qatadaIn an October 1999 sermon delivered in London Qataba called for the killing of Jews and praised attacks on Americans.
Videos of his sermons were found in the Hamburg flat used by some of the September 11 hijackers.
The hate preacher spent most of the past 10 years in jail. But in November, 2012, he was freed on bail when a UK court ruled he might not get a fair trial if deported to Jordan to face terrorism charges.
After an earlier bail release, in 2008, this terrorist published an online book in which he repeatedly claims that fighting jihad, holy war, is obligatory for all Muslims and urges them to ‘terrorize’ non-believers.
In 2008 it was reported that since Qatada claimed asylum in 1993, he and his family have already cost UK taxpayers well over £1 million — and that, taking into account round-the-clock surveillance by police and security services, the bill would rise dramatically.
Note that we generally file news items about Muslim hate preachers under the heading ‘religious insanity‘ — where he keeps company with others of his ilk.
A front group for the Scientology cult, Social Betterment Properties International, has purchased the Ojai, California estate of actor Larry Hagman.
Hagman died last November. His widow has Alzheimer’s disease.
The Ventura County Star says there is no word on what is planned for the estate, but reports that
Social Betterment Properties International has received grants and renovated properties in use for combating literacy, improving morality and exposing “abusive and dangerous psychiatric practices,” according to a 2007 tax filing.
The nonprofit has also owned property in Oklahoma that’s been used for a controversial drug rehabilitation facility. According to The Tulsa World, the facility, Narconon International, uses non-drug paths to rehabilitation that focus on three activities: exercise, vitamins and sauna sessions. Several deaths have been related to the facility, which has been sued and investigated by Oklahoma state officials, according to The World.
We’re sure they meant to write “combating illiteracy,” though the cult’s ‘study technology’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Improving morality, alright, but the Church of Scientology isn’t exactly known for its ethical standards.
Scientology is known for its hatred of psychiatry and psychiatrists. The cult runs a separate front group that, like the church itself, essentially acts like a hate group.

A member of the advisory board for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) says that some churches and other tax-exempt religious groups are run primarily to benefit their leaders.
men63“I would see them as operating more like cults than religious orders,” David Crosbie told The Australian.
According to the paper Crosbie, the chief executive of the Community Council for Australia,
said it was grossly unfair churches did not have to prove public benefit to gain tax deductibility while more than 15,000 organisations were registered charities but could not provide donors with a tax deduction, because of archaic rules and bloated bureaucracy.
The system governing tax deductibility status was “a confusing mess with one rule for some and one rule for others”, he said.
At the heart of the problem was the definition of charity in Australia. Churches were automatically regarded as charitable organisations, under an old English law, the Charitable Uses Act of 1601.
The article does not make clear by what definition a church’s financial dealings would determine it to be ‘cult.’ The term ‘cult’ is most frequently used sociologically and/or theologically.
But an earlier article published in The Australian Financial Review about the ACNC, which was established last December, says
The most contentious issue being debated is the make-up of a test that is expected to be introduced requiring religious and educational organisations to demonstrate the public benefit they provide.
“There has long been a tension between regarding all religions as charitable and then groups some people consider cults getting charitable status,” the chief executive of the Community Council for Australia, David Crosbie, said.

Scientology and Agape Doomsday Cult

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has for years encouraged the Australian government to look into the tax exempt status of religions and charities — particularly that of the Church of Scientology — a destructive cult many consider to be a commercial enterprise masquerading as a religion.
For one reason or another the Australian government didn’t want to investigate the cult.
But as former Scientology victim Janette Vonthehoff told a Senate committee, “Australian taxpayers should not be funding systematic, organised abuse.”
In November 2010, the Agape Ministries doomsday cult, which turned out to be an ordinary fraud, was lost its legal status as a religion and was stripped of its tax exempt status.
Earlier that year Xenophon said “the Agape cult had been enjoying tax breaks for 10 years which showed why it should have to prove that it provided benefits to the public before the Australian Taxation Office granted it charitable institution status.”
Police in Chile have arrested members of a tiny religious cult for allegedly burning a baby alive on a bonfire in the belief that the child was the ‘antichrist.’
Cult leader Ramón Gustavo Castillo Gaete, who claims to be a deity, remains at large.
Folks, your ever faithful reporter has just had an epiphany…………………………………….!
18441-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Chubby-Nude-White-Woman-Holding-Her-Brests-And-Looking-Shockingly-Down-At-The-Weight-Depicted-On-A-ScaleWhether it’s some crazy Muslim terrorist, that Mormon guy out west with all the wives, this guy from Chile or that crazy Muslim radical at the top of the page, they all have ONE thing in common boys and girls!
A big, scraggly, bushy, unkempt, BEARD!
Members of the Perspective Research Department and the Naked News Staff are looking into the possibility that it might not be the religious beliefs at all that make people crazy, but rather the facial hair.
(Either that, or, when they get crazy, they all seems to have a compulsion to grow these stupid beards.)