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Seems Rob Ford isn’t that big a criminal for smoking a bit of crack when you consider that Montreal’s Mayor Michael Applebaum has been taken into police custody by the province’s anti-corruption squad this morning.
Applebaum was picked up at his home in Notre-Dame-de-Grace at around 6 a.m. by officers with the Unite permanente anticorruption, or UPAC.
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BUT! This guy wasn’t just a crack-head, he made a living from it.
Guess town council didn’t pay too well!
CALGARY -Crack-cocaine trafficking charges prompted the resignation of an Irricana town councillor over the weekend.
Wayne Niblow stepped down from the position he ran for and won uncontested in January, citing personal reasons for the decision.(Yeh, he’s going to jail!)
His resignation comes three weeks after the criminal charges.
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is offering to compensate charities that paid him to participate in fundraising events, saying “political leadership is about raising the bar on openness and transparency.”
Trudeau’s decision follows a complaint by the Grace Foundation of Saint John, N.B. last week, saying they lost thousands of dollars after they paid Trudeau $20,000 to speak at an event nine months ago.
“I have decided to reach out to all the organizations that hired me as a professional speaker while I was a Member of Parliament to engage with them to find a satisfactory solution,” Trudeau said in a written statement on Sunday.

LON816-69_2013_220027_highExtraditing Edward Snowden to the United States would be “unwise”, a Chinese state newspaper has said, stating that Beijing should “safeguard its interests”.
The Global Times, one of China’s largest and most strident state newspapers, published an editorial in both its English and Chinese editions calling on Beijing not to return Mr Snowden to the US.
Earlier this month, Mr Snowden, a 29-year-old former subcontractor working for the US National Security Agency, fled to Hong Kong with a cache of documents that expose the scale of America’s cyber spying programmes.
“Washington must be grinding its teeth because Snowden’s revelations have almost overturned the image of the US as the defender of a free internet,” wrote the Global Times.
It added that it would be a “face-losing outcome for both the Hong Kong government and the Chinese central government if Snowden is extradited back to the US” and that his “whistle-blowing is in the global public interest”.
“Beijing needs to demonstrate it can’t just be pushed according to Washington’s wishes … China should follow public opinion and safeguard its interests,” it added.

By Shawn Jeffords, QMI Agency
dynamic_resizeTORONTO — A former madam warns that organized crime — not sex trade workers — will reap the benefits if Canada’s Supreme Court legalizes brothels.
Tania Fiolleau, a Vancouver-based former madam turned TV talk show host and activist, said she is concerned about the potential ramifications of legalizing brothels.
Canada’s top court finished a week of appeal hearings Friday which could result in a dramatic change to the country’s prostitution laws.
At issue is the constitutionality of three sections of the Criminal Code that ban brothels and deal with living off the avails of prostitution and soliciting. “(Crime syndicates) would rather have legalized brothels that are fronts,” Fiolleau said. “That’s what they like to do. It’s going to bring more crime into it because it’s a cash business.”
TORONTO — That’s B, as in busted.

dynamic_resizeAs the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) expands its bingo reach in the province, big winners are finding they end up losing big if they owe child support arrears.
Rob Newman, a spokesman for Community and Social Services Minister Ted McMeekin, said in an e-mail that winners of prizes of $1,000 or more are required to provide personal details to claim the funds at all OLG-affiliated bingo halls.
The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) has provided the names of “deadbeat” parents to the OLG.
“The bingo hall does not release the prize money if the player’s name is a hit on the list of FRO payors in arrears sent to OLG,” Newman said. “If the winner’s name is on the list of FRO payors in arrears, OLG confirms with FRO how much is to be deducted and then remits any balance to the winner.”

Several naked Toronto cyclists took to the roads Sauturday chanting, “More ass, less gas.”
Riders peddled off from Coronation Park located at Lake Shore Blvd W. and Stratchan Rd.
dynamic_resizeFrom there, the horde of bare cyclists made their way through various parts of the downtown core, including major streets such as Queen St. W., Bathurst St., College St. and Spadina Ave.
The international event, which occurs in over 70 countries around the world, was created to protest the dangers cyclists face on a daily basis when biking through traffic alongside cars and other vehicles as well as environmental concerns.
“I like to support people and get them to notice that we’re protesting against dependence on oil and that there is an alternative to a car,” said Gene Dare, a cyclist who has been stripping down and participating in the ride since 2005.