In our continuing quest to increase the readership of both ‘’ and ‘’ we have been targeting the NSA and other U.S. spy agencies with stories about them..........., in the hopes that they will pay more attention to us, and thereby increase our readership!

(Remember the Hollywood equivalent ” Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad news, as long as they write about ya!”)

Unfortunately, in spite of my best efforts, they still seem to be ignoring me!


From some of the many articles about the NSA in the media, this statement seems to be common to all of them:
The U.S. government says it uses that information only to track foreigners’ use overseas and and local phone calls are not listened to!

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate what a piece of shit that statement is:
There was a rapist who was crawling around Southern Ontario and attacking women in the middle of the night as they lay sleeping. The only description ;the cops had was that it was a middle aged, slightly overweight man with a trimmed beard.
Guess what? They started interviewing EVERY middle aged, slightly overweight man with a trimmed beard, and eventually I was one of them!
During the Interview the cop said: “Let us take your DNA so we can rule you out as a suspect, it will be destroyed after the investigation is over!”
(The implication was that if I didn’t want to give a DNA sample I must be hiding something!)
Being the skeptical sort, I phones a lawyer friend of mine and asked him about this and his answer was……………………….!
Gee, and here I thought cops weren’t allowed to lie!!!!!!!!!
(The funny part of this is that they gave me a cup of water to drink, and they way the cop looked at it, I’m sure they got my DNA from it anyway!)


When I lived in Vancouver back in the early seventies I first found out about ‘vegetarians’ and ‘vegans’ and ‘ sprouts’ and ‘macrobiotic’ and all that other bullshit stuff!
My sister still lives there and is always telling me about the left wing, new wave, la la stuff she is always involved in. Here is the latest!

Vancouver has become the first city in Canada to embrace “Meatless Monday,” encouraging residents to forego meat for one day a week for the sake of the planet and their health.
The city declared June 10 the first Meatless Monday following a recommendation from the Vancouver Food Policy Council, an advisory group to city council that’s made up of volunteer farmers, food distributors, nutritionists, and activists.

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si-robinson-300A Toronto councillor who urged Mayor Rob Ford to temporarily step down amid drug allegations was ousted from Ford’s executive committee yesterday.
All the left wing media like the Toronto Star and the CBC made a big deal that she was the only female on the committe
Listen you politically correct assholes, she was fired because she told Ford to step down…………………….., end of story.
The fact that she’s a woman never entered into it until the Star got hold of the story.

Only in Newfoundland you say?

A Newfoundland man made it easier for police to arrest him for impaired driving.
Members of the Port aux Basques RCMP say they saw a man sitting in his car in the detachment’s parking lot at about 6 p.m. Monday.
They say that when they approached the vehicle, they found open liquor inside and the driver was showing signs of impairment.
_68102886_kaley_apHit US sitcom The Big Bang Theory took home the most prizes from the Critics’ Choice TV Awards in Los Angeles, scooping three awards.
The show was named best comedy series, while its stars Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco were named best supporting actor and actress respectively.
There was a tie for best drama, with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad sharing the award.
Bryan Cranston won best actor in a drama for his role in the series.
It was the second consecutive year he took the honour for playing teacher turned drug dealer Walter White.
British actors Damian Lewis, Andrew Lincoln and Matthew Rhys were also nominated for their roles in Homeland, The Walking Dead and The Americans respectively.
Tatiana Maslany was named best actress in a drama for her work in new BBC America show Orphan Black.
Claire Danes, Julianna Margulies and Elisabeth Moss were also shortlisted for Homeland, The Good Wife and Mad Men respectively.
Moss was successful in the best actress in a movie or mini-series category, however, winning for upcoming BBC drama Top of the Lake.
Michael Douglas won the equivalent best actor prize for his portrayal of Liberace in Behind the Candelabra, beating his co-star Matt Damon.
Al Pacino also missed out for his role in HBO’s Phil Spector, as did Brits Benedict Cumberbatch for Parade’s End, Toby Jones for The Girl and Dominic West for The Hour.
Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto won awards for their roles in American Horror Story: Asylum
Sarah Paulson and Zachary QuintoSteven Soderbergh’s Liberace film also collected the honour for best movie or mini-series.
Louis CK was named best actor in a comedy series for his show Louie for the second consecutive year, while Julia Louis-Dreyfus was named best comedy actress for Veep.
Jane Fonda, meanwhile, picked up an award for best guest performer in a drama for her turn in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.
Star Trek star Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson received best supporting actor awards for their parts in the mini-series American Horror Story: Asylum.
Archer was named best animated series, The Voice won best competition reality series, while Tom Bergeron took the award for best reality host for Dancing with the Stars.
House of Cards received two acting nominations at the awards – one for Kevin Spacey and another for co-star Corey Stoll.
Although neither won, the Netflix show’s inclusion at an awards ceremony that previously only recognised network and cable television was significant.