<– L-R: applicants Dror Bar-Natan, Simone Topey and Michael McAteer who are challenging the need to swear allegiance to the Queen to become a citizen.  ‘Repugnant’ citizenship oath to Queen should be illegal, court hears. The monarchy represents inequality, class division and a history of slavery, say three permanent residents of Canada who appeared in an Ontario court Friday to challenge the citizenship oath.
Dear Readers:
If this isn’t the height of hubris, arrogance, ignorance and bullshit, then I don’t know what is!
Three permanent residents of Canada were in Ontario Superior Court as part of their ongoing case to fight the requirement that they must swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth to become a Canadian citizen.
Here we have three people that want to join the party…………., but on their terms, not ours!
The three argue that the requirement that they swear an oath to the Queen violates their constitutional rights, and say they should be allowed to pledge allegiance to Canada instead. They also note that Canadian-born citizens never swear an oath to the Queen.
One of the applicants, Michael McAteer, has been in Canada for 50 years. The 79-year-old said he does not want to take the oath because his father was persecuted back in Ireland for fighting for Irish independence.
“Because his father had these issues back home, he doesn’t feel it’s right for him to have to pledge allegiance to the Queen,” Fernandez said.
Simone Topey, who was born in Jamaica but has lived in Canada for 35 years, said she cannot pledge an oath to the Queen on religious grounds: she is Rastafarian.
Listen boys and girls, if they don’t want to follow the rules, they don’t have to be citizens, period.
Back when my parents came to this country the first thing they learned was what their RESPONSIBILITIES were!
Now, the first thing these son-of-a-bitches want to know is what their RIGHTS are!
Seems the three Goodyear blimps are being replaced…………………., with Zeppelins.
They’re bigger, faster and more maneuverable!
This reminds me of the story of a WW l General who was telling war stories to a lady friend of his and said: “As I was flying over the German countryside a bunch of Fockers came in from the left, and then another two of the Fockers came in from the right!. Next thing I knew they were all around me”
Seeing the look of dismay on the woman’s face over the perceived bad language,  a buddy of the General said to her: “Madame, I should tell you that the General is talking about the ‘Focke-Wulf,” which is a Germen fighter aircraft!
“Like hell,’ said the General.” “Those fuckers were Messerschmidts!”
Did you see something like this in the sky last night?

A bright green flash of light passed through the sky over southern Ontario late Friday night.
Reports showed up on Twitter around 9:50 p.m. Eastern Time, as the meteor traced a line starting just east of Georgian Bay, and passing southwest through the middle of southwestern Ontario.
Unfortunately, your not-s0-observant reporter missed it, since I was in the house watching T.V.
HAMILTON – Hamilton police got a surprise after several marijuana plants were spotted growing outside the city’s courthouse.
A woman spotted the plants Thursday growing in plain sight in the courthouse garden.
Police confirmed there were seven immature marijuana plants.
A six dollar dispute over unpaid cable bills that a man says he doesn’t owe is heading to the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Tom Badcock says his fight with cable giant Rogers has left a bad mark on his credit record after they sent his name to a collection agency.
Badcock said his trouble started when he decided to switch from Rogers to Bell Aliant a year ago,
But after a request to cancel service, Badcock continued to receive bills that accumulated to hundreds of dollars.
A woman from London, Ont., says Canada’s new polymer bank notes can’t even withstand the heat of a table lamp.
Trina Moniz told the Toronto Sun she placed $1,200 cash in an envelope on a table for a few hours and the bills melted, shrunk and warped into misshapen lumps. Moniz said the Bank of Canada told her it could take up to eight months to replace the money, according to the newspaper.
Now, I am not a scientist. But with careful planning I was able to construct a highly complex experiment using one lamp, one $20 polymer bill and one 40 watt, 120 volt light bulb.
Using astute observation, I monitored the bill over the course of five hours. It did not melt.
The Mythbusters might triumphantly declare this myth busted, but there are other considerations we must address.
There are light bulbs available that would give off more heat, and some that would produce less. Whatever lamp Moniz had on her table when she deposited the envelope containing $1,200 in cash, it must have been stronger than mine, thankfully for me.
But several reports have emerged stating Canadians’ new money has melted in hot cars, near heaters and on top of toaster ovens. The Bank of Canada has said repeatedly the bills were tested in boiling water and they can stay intact at temperatures up to 140 C.
Of course, the old paper bills could light on fire, arguably posting an even greater risk.
Canadians looking for a positive note about their new notes can ask Wayne Klinkel of Montana, who might say that at least polymer money is harder for your dog to swallow.5d24f986-7131-4861-a5b6-0980dbc67341_IMG_2698