A major earthquake struck Tuesday in southwestern Pakistan, killing two people and sending others fleeing into the streets and praying for their lives as buildings swayed, officials said.
The magnitude 7.7 quake hit in the southern part of Baluchistan province, said Pakistan’s chief meteorologist, Mohammed Riaz. The U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo. reported the quake as magnitude 7.8.
The quake struck in a remote area of Baluchistan with little population, said the head of Pakistan’s Earthquake Center, Zahid Rafi. He warned of possible aftershocks.

untitledvn vThe province in southwest Pakistan is the country’s largest but also the least populated.
It is also the home to several extremist Islamic groups, and we here at the Perspective Research Department, and Naked News staff, believe this is God’s retribution for such dastardly deeds as the Jihadist attacks on Christians in the last few weeks ……………………., and that Muslim asshole that cut me off in traffic yesterday! (sic)

WOW, talk about SNAKES ON A PLANE!: A tiny Asian snake was found on a Qantas Boeing 747 airliner in Australia, leading to 370 passengers being grounded overnight.
ec2773681d7232203e0f6a706700a06c Staff found the 20-centimeter (8-inch) Mandarin rat snake in the passenger cabin near the door late Sunday before passengers were due to board the flight bound for Tokyo from Sydney International Airport, Qantas said in a statement Monday.
 Australia’s flagship airline said passengers were given hotel rooms and left Sydney on a replacement plane Monday morning. Qantas said the original jet would be fumigated before returning to service in case there were other snakes on board.
After reading this, ya have to think that it’s pretty tame and boring here in good ol’ Canada: A man in western Sweden has been arrested on a charge of vandalism after urinating on fruit worth 700 kronor ($110) in a Gothenburg supermarket.

50392A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about an odd court case from the south Stockholm suburbs concerning a man who had been acquitted of sexual harassment charges after being caught masturbating at a public beach.
According to the court ruling, no offence had been committed as the masturbating man was not pleasuring himself towards a specific person.
Last week, the story was discovered by a number of notable international news outlets, including the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Guardian, and Time magazine in the US.
By the time it reached celebrity blogger Perez Hilton in the United States, the story had morphed into claims that Sweden had “decriminalized” public masturbation.

So, what exactly was the significance of the court’s ruling and, more importantly, is it really legal to masturbate in public in Sweden?
1073304-Clipart-3d-Sexy-Blond-Pinup-Woman-In-The-Nude-3-Royalty-Free-CGI-IllustrationTo get to the bottom of the story, The Local caught up with Olof Vrethammar, the prosecutor who handled the case, to find out what his inability to achieve a conviction actually means.
“There has been a lot of reaction to this case but I think what has happened is that my words have been taken out of context a bit. I read somewhere that this was a ‘landmark trial’ but that is not the case,” Vrethammar explains.
“It is not okay to masturbate in public in Sweden as we have the same laws as anywhere else on this type of behaviour.”
Vrethammar was present in court when the 65-year-old man who was literally caught with his pants down was acquitted by the Södertörn District Court.
“For the man to be convicted for sexual molestation it needs to be proven that he was targeting one or several specific people. If you can’t prove that is the case, then it is not sexual molestation,” he said.

The prosecutor said the ruling does not the open the door for exhibitionists to simply peel off and head for their local beach.
1067863-Clipart-Flasher-Man-From-Behind-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustration“If a similar situation happened then it is likely the person would be charged with a sexual offence depending on the circumstances,” he explained.
“In this case, the court found that the accused had his back to the injured party and that nothing points to the conclusion that a crime was targeted against them. The act may be seen as disorderly conduct.
“If, however, you expose yourself to somebody, that violates their sexual integrity then you may be charged with sexual molestation.”
So the lesson to wanna-be exhibitionists is clear: it’s not okay to masturbate in public in Sweden, despite what the headlines may say.

garth-drabinsky-01238962Dear Readers: In perhaps one of the greatest examples of “HUBRIS” I have ever seen,  Garth Drabinsky is set to go to court Tuesday as he fights to reclaim the Order of Canada he lost while serving his prison sentence for fraud.
The disgraced theatre mogul, who is on day parole in Toronto, is asking the Federal Court to declare the decision of the Order of Canada advisory council unlawful.
Drabinsky and business partner Myron Gottlieb were convicted in 2009 for a book-cooking scheme that ultimately resulted in the demise of Livent Inc. — the company behind such hits as “Phantom of the Opera” and “Ragtime.”

Two Saskatchewan companies are the first to be licensed to sell medical marijuana under Health Canada’s latest regulations.
Prairie Plant Systems and its subsidiary CanniMed Ltd. have received licences to grow the drug.
Both companies are based in Saskatoon, and have received 622,433 job applications in the last two weeks alone!

Speaking of Saskatoon: Radio listeners there now have more ways to listen to CBC Radio One on weekdays.
saskatoon-morningThe CRTC has approved a broadcast license for the morning radio show, Saskatoon Morning.
The program will be aired on a temporary basis while producers try and figure out if there is enough stuff to talk about in Saskatoon to fill a morning show!!!!!
It might seem that the range of scents humans can detect is infinite, but scientists have managed to sort them all into 10 basic categories, ranging from peppermint to pungent.
The classifications are meant to be the olfactory equivalent of the five basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savory).
To come up with the 10 scents, neuroscientists turned to a 30-year-old database that contained profiles of 144 odors. Each odor was assessed by human subjects, who were given a list of 146 words and asked to rate how well each word described the odor. The researchers wanted to see if they could look for patterns in those responses that would help them group the odors.
Using statistics, they analyzed how the 146 words were used and how they were related to one another. Some words were almost always used together, such as fruity and honey. Others were rarely or never paired, such as fecal and minty.
imagesCAZEFX03By the end of the analysis, the researchers came up with a total of 10 distinct groups of words that tended to be used together.
The result was a list of 10 key odor categories: fragrant, woody/resinous, minty/peppermint, sweet, chemical, popcorn, lemon, fruity (non-citrus), pungent and decayed.
Popcorn gets its own category (well-deserved) but bacon doesn’t?  At he very least, bacon needs to go into a ‘cooking meat’ category.  I’m really not sure where bacon fits into this list. 

AND FINALLY: This song has been stuck in my head for the last 36 years, (when it first came out) and I swear that if it stays for even one more day I’ll kill myself!