Folks you will hear all sorts of mean, nasty, TERRIBLE stuff about fracking in the media, and 99% of it will come from information and disinformation leaked to the press by the oil producing States in O.P.E.C.
The only thing that’s really ‘wrong’ with Fracking is that it will make North America self sufficient in energy ……………………, and shut out the Arabs!
Now, that’s not really such a bad thing,  is it?
FREDERICTON – The chief of the Elsipogtog First Nation says the fight to halt shale gas exploration in New Brunswick will go on despite a court ruling Monday rejecting his request for an injunction to stop seismic testing.
The province’s Court of Queen’s Bench dismissed Aaron Sock’s application for an injunction, saying there was no evidence that plans by SWN Resources to proceed in its search for shale gas would amount to a degree of harm.
Now the only real question is how much the oil producing countries, and left wing environmentalists in the States, are behind this sort of thing!

Remember that asshole George Zimmerman?
Well, now he has once again made our “Asshole of the Day!”

2-Ply-Toilet-Paper-Annual-AwardGeorge Zimmerman was charged Monday with felony aggravated assault after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend, according to Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office.
Zimmerman, who was acquitted earlier this year of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin, was arrested after the incident at the home of Samantha Scheibe, Lemma said. He also was charged with two misdemeanors — domestic violence battery and criminal mischief — in connection with the same incident, Lemma said.
Zimmerman is being held in jail without bail and will make his first appearance in front of a judge Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ET.
You would think that by now Georgie would have learned to stay away from guns!!!!!!!
A South Florida woman said she found a insect in the BLT salad she and her boyfriend ordered at a Wendy’s – but the restaurant manager brushed off the nauseating find.
The customer, who only wanted to give her first name of Ivette, said she immediately regretted making a drive-thru run at Wendy’s on Nov. 7. She and her boyfriend Ahmed said they ordered the salad to share on their ride home, but she could only get through one bite.
Meanwhile, the manager said that unless they were vegetarians ………………, he didn’t know what all the fuss was about!

Currently under construction at the Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City, the Meg-a-Blaster slide will open in Spring 2014, dropping people from nearly 140 feet!
The current tallest waterslide in the world is Brazil’s Insano, standing 134.5 feet high, with riders hitting speeds of 62.5 mph. The Meg-a-Blaster should go a little faster and, with a second hill at the bottom and my lack of a physics degree leaving me flummoxed, I can’t see how people won’t go flying off the end of the flume and into the sunset. [Imgur]

Officials at a zoo in the US state of Texas are investigating why a male lion attacked and killed a lioness in full view of visitors.
_71193537_71193532The male seized five-year-old Johari by the neck on Sunday at the Dallas Zoo – she was later found to have died from neck wounds and haemorrhaging.
Zoo officials said the lions had lived together peacefully for years. They said they had no idea why the male had turned on Johari. Video taken by a zoo visitor showed the apparently calm male lion with its jaws clamped around the female’s neck.
(Police are investigating but no charges have been laid yet! -Ed.)
For American late-night talk show hosts, Rob Ford remains the comedy gift that just keeps giving.
Following yet another extraordinary performance at Toronto city council yesterday – in which the Toronto mayor described his colleagues’ attempts to remove him from office as a “coup d’etat” and likened his embattled situation to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait – Ford continues to be a source of inspiration for comedy writers.

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As in weeks past, Ford talk dominated the opening monologues of almost every late-night show on the dial. You can see a roundup of last night’s best Ford-related jokes here.
Last night, the Ford frivolity began on the syndicated The Arsenio Hall Show, which airs in the late primetime slot in most markets.
Said Hall in his opener: “Ford told the city council, ‘Yo, I can’t quit. I got a wife and a ho’ and three crack dealers to support.’ ”
Hall also claimed, “Friends close to Ford say he has two distinctly different personalities. Unfortunately for him, they’re Lamar Odom and Charlie Sheen.”
And Hall went on: “He’s been told he can’t participate in Toronto’s annual Santa Claus Parade. I got something special for y’all, I have him via satellite. Here from a storage closet somewhere in city hall in Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford!”
Cut to a disheveled and manic-looking actor wearing a sad Santa beard, who told Hall: “I’m going to that Santa Claus Parade. Look at me, I’m fat, I’m white and with my magic sack I’m always jolly!”
The Ford avatar also said: “Everyone knows when Rob Ford’s in the house, it’s going to be a white Christmas!” And: “My nose ain’t red from the cold, Arsenio. I snort drugs through my nose!”
Over on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the host referred to Ford as “God’s gift to comedy” and poked fun at the mayor’s recent comment to Fox News that he wanted to become the prime minister of Canada.
“If there was anyone qualified for the highest office in the land, it’s the highest mayor in the land,” cracked Leno.
Leno also said: “Doctors in Canada are no longer allowed to give heroin to addicts going through withdrawal. It’s just been a bad week for the mayor of Toronto, hasn’t it?”
Leno then parallelled the fact that he’s stepping away from his show next spring with the news that Rob Ford and his brother Doug were recently given their own show on Sun TV.
Leno’s take: “That’s depressing, isn’t it? ? This maniac is going to have his own TV show and I won’t. I gotta start smoking some crack. …Get me some crack!”
On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host made light of yesterday’s decision to strip Ford of his mayoral duties, save for representing the city at official functions.
“That’s the one I would be worried about,” Kimmel said.
The show also ran the clip from yesterday’s council meeting in which Ford appears to charge a heckler, but instead runs into Councillor Pam McConnell and almost knocks her down.
Said Kimmel: “It’s like Canada’s running of the bulls or something.”
On The Late Show with David Letterman, there was a segment titled “Rob Ford Lie,” which featured a clip of the mayor himself claiming that he’s “in a gym for two hours every day.”
Letterman also said of Ford: “You can’t embarrass anybody. He’s caught smoking crack and today he’s selling Rob Ford bobblehead dolls.”
Some of the best jokes were saved for last night’s post-midnight broadcast of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which began with the host making light of Ford hosting a TV show with his brother.
“It raised a lot of questions,” Fallon said. “Starting with: Where do I get Canadian TV! I gotta see this! I want to tape it!”
Fallon also said of the new Ford TV show: “He said he doesn’t really know if he’s going to be a good TV host, but he’s willing to take a crack at it.”
And to keep the ball rolling, Fallon offered up some possible show titles for the new Rob Ford show, including “The Biggest User,” “This Old Crackhouse,” “Parks and Recreational Drug Use,” “Scandal, Eh,” and “The Big Bong Theory.”
At least 17 people have been killed in flooding prompted by a cyclone and heavy rain that lashed SARNIA over the weekend.
A number of people are reported missing after rivers burst their banks, sweeping cars away and causing bridges to collapse.
The worst-hit area appears to be in and around the north-eastern parts of the city.

OH …………………, WAIT!
_71195092_sardinia_olbia1_nov13_cmpOur apologies folks, but  it seems the Naked News staff got their facts wrong, this should have been about SARDINIA!
Not Sarnia!