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One man is in police custody after an early-morning rampage in a Vancouver suburb resulted in destroyed vehicles and a flooded emergency room.

9262328Burnaby RCMP said a 38-year-old Surrey man is behind bars Sunday night, after a stolen rental truck slammed into police cars in the parking lot of a local mall.
Officers responded to a call at approximately 1 a.m., after the suspect allegedly crashed a Jeep Cherokee into a police car, parked outside a community police office located in the mall’s parking lot.
Police say the man got out of the Jeep and into a five-tonne rental truck parked nearby. He then reportedly backed into two more police cars before causing damage to other parked vehicles. In all, six vehicles were damaged.
Once in police custody, the man was taken to Burnaby General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. There, police say he yanked out a sprinkler above his hospital bed, flooding the floor.
hy5“There was a significant amount of water that entered a section of the emergency department,” said Tasleem Juma, spokesperson for Fraser Health Authority. “There was a handful of patients that were in the area at the time and have been moved to other areas within the hospital.”
The water, 10-centimetres deep, forced the entire emergency room to shut down. New patients had to be diverted to other hospitals.

Police say the Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen in Surrey on Dec. 7.
The man is now behind bars and facing several criminal charges.
Burnaby RCMP believe he is the same man who caused a flood Saturday at a Surrey-area sobering and assessment centre.
Mall security is going through security footage to see if any of the destruction was caught on tape.
“In my 37 years, I haven’t heard of anything like this, it’s almost like it’s out of a movie,” Staff Sgt. John Buis told reporters.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/b-c-police-arrest-man-after-six-vehicles-destroyed-in-early-morning-rampage-1.1580440#ixzz2mz7vw2G9
(It’s like I always said, folks: “they sure know how to have a good time out there!”)
A Canadian delegation paying final respects to Nelson Mandela is due to arrive in South Africa this morning.

ajw108b150112_highThe Canadian contingent is headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and includes a host of notable politicians.
The list includes former prime ministers Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Kim Campbell.
Opposition leader Tom Mulcair is on the plane, as is one of Mandela’s former lawyers, Quebec MP Irwin Cotler, who is representing the Liberals.
Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who worked with Mandela to develop South Africa’s legal system, is also part of the delegation.
Former prime minister Joe Clark, Mulroney’s foreign minister when his government pushed South Africa to free Mandela, is already in South Africa.
Meanwhile, word has it that “Mr. Dithers,” Paul Martin is still deciding whether he will go ………………., or not!
“Oh you’re gonna shoot me?”  That sarcastic quip was one of the last words US student Robert Cameron Redus uttered before he was shot dead by a campus police officer.

A campus police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after reportedly killing an unarmed college student!
imagesCAW432J4Police in San Antonio are still investigating what prompted Cpl. Christopher Carter to shoot 23-year-old honor student Robert Cameron Redus multiple times after pulling him over several blocks away from the University of the Incarnate Word last Friday around 2 a.m.
An Alamo Heights Police Department rep told reporters Carter stopped Redus for speeding and driving erratically.
(It must also be noted that the kid was four or five blocks away from the University at the time!)
One Treehouse resident who witnessed the shooting said he didn’t hear Carter warn Redus before firing his weapon.
“I didn’t hear him say anything like, ‘Get down on your hands and knees,’ you know? I didn’t hear him say anything. He just started shooting,” the unidentified man said. “He emptied the gun on him,” he said. “Boom, boom, boom.Six shots — five or six.”
Another resident, Mohammad Haidarasl, said he did hear something — Redus’s last words: “I heard (a man) say, ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ like almost sarcastic !”
The investigation is ongoing, and is being assisted by Texas Rangers.
Strange and remarkable facts about Flin Flon

1. Flin Flon, Man., is named after a science fiction character, Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin, from the 1905 book The Sunless City. The mining prospectors who discovered large mineral deposits near the future site of the town found a copy of the book nearby.
2. At least 17 NHL players have come out of the town of 5,500, including Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke and Ken Baumgartner.
3. In the last decade, Flin Flon was home to Canada’s largest legal grow-op. Known as the “ganja mine” because it grew pot in an underground mine, it supplied Health Canada’s medical-marijuana needs.
4. In the 1950s, Flin Flon flirted with independence from Manitoba. The Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce very briefly considered a proposal to carve out a large chunk of northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to form a new province, to be called Pre-Cambria.
5. In 1943, hundreds of servicemen from Flin Flon were invited to descend on Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square for a raucous reunion that lasted from morning to midnight, drinking at least one bar dry. As a dispatch from London noted: “The manager had never seen Flin Floners in action before and his voice was full of wonder and regret when he had to inform them the well had run dry.”
6. Flin Flon native Dr. Frank Gunston is credited with developing the world’s first total-replacement artificial knee in the late 1960s.
A terrifying attack by a cat on a woman and her dog was caught on surveillance footage.
The murderous moggie is seen first having a pop at the dog as the woman walks it down the road.
It’s seen jumping and scratching as the dog tries to hide behind its owner.
When the fierce feline won’t let go of her poor pooch, the woman picks it up, and kicks the cat away.
But that isn’t enough to stop this kung-fu cat, who leaps through the air, scratching at the terrified dog as bystanders struggle to break up the scrap.
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