Finding an “Asshole of the Day” is a fairly common occurrence, and they seem to be just about everywhere!
When we get into an “Asshole of the Week” the job becomes a little more difficult, but by no means impossible, since there are still a fair amount of candidates about!
When we get into “Asshole of the Year” territory the going gets pretty rough!
Normally, to find this sort of a person requires much in the way of investigation, fact checking, interviews and documentation.
Which is why I was so surprised to have this guy almost dropped into my lap from out of the blue!
He is Durham Regional Police Constable Craig Wiles.
First of all, I should note that it takes a special kind of person to be a cop in the first place.
They have to be “Type A” personalities who like to take the lead and tell other people what to do.
On top of that, they should also be organized and controlling to a certain extent, and having a bit of a combative nature doesn’t hurt either since a lot of criminals like to play rough.
This is all well and good kids, but when you combine these traits with “anger issues” and a “sadistic nature”………………….., then ya got trouble in River City, boys and girls!
Apparently, good ‘ol Craig had these in spades!
“The extent of his misconduct was to such a degree that the suitability of Const. Wiles remaining an officer in this police service has been nullified,” wrote retired York Regional Police deputy chief Terence Kelly in a decision released Dec. 5.
Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this case ……………….., let’s have a look at some other stuff he did!
In 2007, just three years after graduation, Wiles assaulted a female prisoner. He was convicted criminally and suspended under the Police Act….., BUT HE WASN’T FIRED!
After this small debacle, he was involved in four assault offences, convicted criminally and been suspended and demoted for one year.
In 2011, after a dispute over a traffic stop in Oshawa, he slammed the head of driver Edward Gamble into the roof of his car, struck him repeatedly and then pepper-sprayed him.

“Wiles’ conduct was unprofessional and he abused his authority. He performed an unnecessary arrest which culminated in injury … significant enough for his transport to hospital,” ruled the tribunal adjudicator at the time.
By this time the Chief wanted Wiles fired, but instead of dismissal, he got a 15-month demotion!
It was during this very demotion period that he attacked yet another innocent member of the public. Last year, Wiles was convicted of discreditable conduct, excessive use of force and unnecessary exercise of authority in the bizarre take-down of a mentally ill man.

On Sept. 21, 2011, a motorist in Ajax reported a man had suddenly walked into slow moving traffic. Without talking to the witness or even consulting his partner, Wiles took off in pursuit of the pedestrian who began to run when he saw police.
Raphael Morgan was 29, a schizophrenic with a fear of cops who fled to the safety of his parents’ home. Instead of ringing the doorbell or knocking, Wiles drew his gun and kicked the door down. He screamed at Morgan to “Get the f— down,” and handcuffed him. Asked why the Rambo treatment, the officer said he felt the man posed a threat to himself and others.
Morgan’s mother told Wiles her son had a mental issue but he didn’t seem to care. She told his disciplinary hearing that he was so angry that “it seemed he had issues as well.”
By this time, Const. Ryan Kapeluk arrived and saw his partner “grounding” Morgan. He told the tribunal he was trying to calm the mentally ill man and walk him back towards their cruiser when Wiles suddenly grounded Morgan again without warning — or apparent need.
At his hearing, the adjudicator said the officer had no grounds to burst into Morgan’s home and arrest him. “Wiles simply allowed his emotions to take control and he became enmeshed in his own pursuit of these matters to such an extent that he was blinded to his clear obligations of his Oath of Office.”
He also slammed Wiles for his “troubling” treatment of the mentally ill man. “Grounding a prisoner for no apparent reason could result in the gratuitous infliction of pain.
Wiles didn’t feel he’d done anything wrong. He actually told prosecutor Ian Johnstone, “If I was faced with that incident again with the exact same circumstances, I would react in the same way.”
For the second time in two years, Johnstone recommended dismissal.

Wiles’ lawyer, meanwhile, sought a nine-month suspension on top of the 15-month demotion he was already serving. The only defence witness at his sentencing was his psychologist, who said he’d been treating Wiles for “adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood” since his first charge in 2008.
Dr. Sean O’Brien told the tribunal that Wiles has reported struggling with anger management since high school.
This was, at last, the final straw. Or as Deputy Chief Paul Martin told his tribunal “the usefulness of this officer has expired.”
A six-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended from school for kissing a girl on the hand, and the school is calling it sexual harassment.
Hunter Yelton, a Grade 1 student, told KRDO radio the kiss happened during reading group.
“I leaned over and kissed her on the hand,” he said.
Yelton was suspended from his school near Colorado Springs and accused of sexual harassment.
Yelton’s mom, Jennifer Saunders, told the station her son is now asking her “what is sex, mommy?”
AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, another fifth grader in public school has been suspended for pretending to shoot one of his classmates with an imaginary bow and arrow!
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