The kids are no longer saying “eh.”
The National Post reports that “eh” is on the decline among young Canadians.
They’re more likely to say “right,” “and stuff” and “you know” at the end of a sentence than the one-word phrase that has been the Canadian stereotype for decades.
“Eh is this quintessential thing that we think of as being so Canadian,” Sali Tagliamonte, a linguist at the University of Toronto.
“In Toronto, and I would expect other cities like Ottawa and Vancouver … there’s a massive decline in the use of ‘eh.’
My kids don’t use it.
They just don’t!
TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says hydro crews have restored electricity to 75,000 customers who lost power after a weekend ice storm wreaked havoc from southwestern Ontario to the Atlantic Coast.

Ford says approximately 200,000 customers still have no electricity after ice splintered a huge number of trees and turned roads and sidewalks into skating rinks.
He told a morning news conference that hydro crews are working non-stop to clear downed trees and branches and get power restored as soon as possible.
Ford repeated that he has no plans to declare a state of emergency, saying the situation was nowhere near as bad as the big ice storm of 1998.
Across Ontario about another 120,000 customers remained without power and hydro officials were advising that it could take “multiple days” to get everyone reconnected.
The storm is still hitting the Maritimes, with freezing rain warnings throughout P.E.I. and most of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. There are also winter storm warnings in effect on Quebec’s GaspĂ© Peninsula.

imagesCA10QK9JSome people in the Perspective Research Department ran across a statistic that says Brits watch LESS porn over the Christmas holidays, while Japanese watch MORE!
Of course, the Japanese aren’t Christian, so that might have something to do with it!
SPEAKING ABOUT SEX AND PORN: When I was a little kid and my friends first told me about SEX, I decided that when I was older I would travel to some South Sea Island where they had never heard of sex……………………………., and be REALLY popular with the ladies!

We have a sneaky felling that A and E bit off more than they could chew when they fired the guy from “DUCK DYNASTY!”
(Just saying!)
duck-dynastyDuck Dynasty is on hiatus until Jan. 15, and a network spokesman said Thursday that nine of next season’s 10 episodes have already been filmed. That means Robertson likely isn’t needed in front of the camera before next March, by which time this whole crisis may have blown over.
And blow over it will, eventually, says veteran Hollywood crisis publicist Howard Bragman, who added that Robertson will likely return to the show as well, perhaps after making a heartfelt apology.
On the subject of celebrities, we have received a few letters saying that enough is enough about Duck Dynasty, so we got a picture of Kate Upton’s breasts instead!


(Chuck Norris when he was still a Neanderthal!)
_63621607_face_colouradjustWe now have reports that Neanderthals could speak just like us          ………, they just grunted a lot more!
An analysis of a Neanderthal’s fossilised hyoid bone – a horseshoe-shaped structure in the neck – suggests the species had the ability to speak.
This has been suspected since the 1989 discovery of a Neanderthal hyoid that looks just like a modern human’s.
But now computer modelling of how it works has shown this bone was also used in a very similar way.

It might not be bright red, but Rudolph’s nose really does go glow. These thermal images of reindeer acquired by scientists show that Santa’s flying friends have incredibly warm noses.