The old man never wavered, the gays pranced around and made all sorts of rude noises, and your confused reporter sat here and wondered what in the hell all the fuss was about!
Ya have to hand it to Phil Robertson, he was just being true to who he was ……, and the gays were just their usual annoying and whining  selves.

Who really dropped the ball was some asshole at A & E.
In an effort to contain any backlash from the gay community, (especially the butch lesbians ………………, they can be real nasty) the network over-reacted and tried to pander to the Far Left, because they’re almost as good as the Muslims at being “OFFENDED!”
Meanwhile, you, me, uncle Joe, and cousin Billy are sittin’ here wondering what in hell all the fuss is about!
(P.S. I still can’t figure out what people see in this show!)
Think ya heard it all, bunky?
OTTAWA – Defence researchers spent almost $14,000 on a survey that asked whether superheroes can leap over skyscrapers.

untitledThe study for the research arm of National Defence also asked 150 people online whether superheroes can fly through the air; see through walls; hear whispers from miles away; become invisible; and walk through walls.
The oddball questions were part of a short study completed in October to help the Canadian Forces “win the hearts and minds” of the local populations it faces when deployed overseas, such as recently in Afghanistan.
Oh, I could go on and let you read the rest of the article KIDS, but it makes about as much sense as the first three paragraphs!!!!
For the handful of TTC officials who collect and catalog more than 50,000 items a year lost on commuter trains, subways and buses, the flood of wallets, eyeglasses and smartphones is occasionally broken by tales of some of the crazier things left behind.

There was a pet bunny rabbit, a prosthetic leg, a car bumper, a tuba, a diamond engagement ring and an ordinary-looking briefcase that was opened to reveal a dizzying array of adult toys.
“We get false teeth almost every week,” said a supervisor of the lost-and-found office, which has amassed 26,000 items this year. “How do you lose your teeth?”
For every item, the clerks document the train, car and seat number where it was found. There is a dry cleaner-style coat rack to handle hundreds of forgotten coats. There’s also an area designated for at least a half-dozen bicycles in the office at any given time.
“We  even get bikes,” marveled clerk Raymond Rosario, “I don’t know how, but they leave them on the trains.”
MONTREAL – Finally, the mystery behind one of Canada’s most famous moustaches has been revealed.

cpt129153672_highRetired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield says he started working on his trademark growth when he turned 18 while taking a train to Turkey.
“For whatever reason, I decided: ‘I’m 18, I’m a man, I’m going to grow a moustache’ — and it was pathetic for years— it was awful,” he told The Canadian Press.
Hadfield, 54, says he shaved it off only once — when he was at test pilot school.
“In the U.S. air force, if you want to get promoted you can’t have a moustache, for whatever reason,” he said. ”It just looks bad when they’re flipping through the pictures. Don’t ask me why.

“So, as I was at test pilot school, one of the guys was having his annual photograph taken (and) he had to shave off his moustache, so…in solidarity I shaved it off.
“Nobody was impressed with the way I looked without it — least of all my wife Helene — so that’s why I have a moustache.”

446(I can relate to this folks, I grew my beard when I was in my early twenties to hid my baby face, but my father kept bugging me to shave it off! When I finally did, he took one look at and said: “Grow it Back!” ……………….Had it ever since!)


Plus-size Barbie image sparks Facebook debate!!!!!!

With all the attempts to make Barbie politically correct over the last few years — including the introduction of ethnically diverse dolls such as Brazilian Barbie and Indian Barbie — she’s still only ever been rail thin.
967bf65c-0254-4aff-8dff-7f82b4036980_1451983_617083104995407_1137375953_nBut now a Facebook group is challenging the status quo by posting an illustration of what a plus-size Barbie could look like. The image is accompanied by the question: “Should toy companies start making plus sized Barbie dolls?”
The illustration, posted last week by Plus Size Modeling, originally surfaced in 2011 when it won top prize at an artist competition.
It has currently sparked a lively debate on Facebook, garnering over 4,7000 comments and close to 40,000 likes.
“Wish there was an ‘average’ Barbie. Not skinny, not obese. Normal proportions,” writes one commentator.
That’s right folks, like a lot of us who hit middle-age, Barbie might end up being a fubby-chucker!
PLUS! Barbie now has a Canadian twist as well!

Here’s one for the books kids!
A Florida woman was arrested after throwing a spoonful of peanut butter at her brother, hitting him on the face, according to video from geobeats.
Rachel Byrd, 29, had gotten into a 2 a.m. argument with her 30-year-old brother after his dog urnated in the living room of a home they share. After she flung the peanut butter, somebody called 911 but nobody answered when the operator called back, geobeats says.
When officers arrived at the home the brother said he did not want to press charges, but an officer noted that he had peanut butter running down his face. Byrd was charged with battery and taken to Volusia County Branch Jail.