BegNuF2CIAA6v9V“It’s a parallel universe that locals to a great extent have no access to,” said Olga Beskova, editor of the local website Sochinskiye Novosti, or Sochi News. “It has very little to do with how Sochi lives every day. So far, city streets are all dug up, residents have a lot of problems, and it’s hard to see a happy ending after all of this construction.”

Sure, we may laugh at a double toilet, but some Sochi residents don’t have indoor plumbing at all.
“You have to put on rubber boots if you want to go to the toilet,” long-time resident Vladimir Zarytovsky, 56, said, pointing to water marks crawling up the walls of his wooden outhouse. Since a road for the Olympics was built nearby, his home and yard have become prone to flooding.
“I watch Channel One and get the feeling that I am living in paradise,” he added. “It’s disgusting to hear the governor and the mayor singing songs to Putin, telling him that everything is fabulous.”

untitledThe super-rich don’t really need to listen to anybody’s advice, but it might be in their interest to give an audience to Pope Francis, even if they’re not Catholic, don’t believe in God or don’t give two shekels about the poor.
The Pope has issued a warning to all the world’s richest people that a major downturn in the economy could spark such unrest that we return to conditions in revolutionary France, where old ladies sat and knit while watching people being executed on the guillotine.
Only this time it would be the Billionaires …………………….., not royalty!
BEIBER GOT ARRESTED! (Now who didn’t see this coming?)

Just days after being caught on video in a rambling, profane rant in a restaurant, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is to address The Economic Club of Canada today.
HOWEVER: An Economic Club spokesman said that any Ford attempts to address the group with a Jamaican accent will not be tolerated!
Squarks, selectrons and neutralatinos may be lurking in the universe, say physicists.
The world’s most powerful atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), has yet to find evidence of the existence of such sparticles (supersymmetric particles), though perhaps physicists are not interpreting the data in the right way, said particle theorist Ben Allanach of Cambridge University.

Well …………….., we here at the Perspective Research Department don’t care much about the “squarks” or “selectrons,” but we do wonder what neutral Latino’s have to do with anything?

thVN12T0F5In recent years accounts have popped up at various times reporting (always as a supposedly new trend) “fads” and “epidemics” of schoolkids crushing up Smarties and “snorting” the resulting powder. (i.e., inhaling it into their nasal passages)
We here at Allan’s Perspective wish to caution youngsters that this is a dangerous fad that can only lead to health and addiction problems.
If you absolutely must do this …………….,. then we suggest you use only the yellow and green smarties, and give the black and red one’s a wide berth!
Well folks, they sure know how to fave a good time down Halifax way!
Halifax police say a robbery was foiled on a downtown street with the help of passing motorists.
Police say a group of five men were walking along Spring Garden Road around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when they were approached by a group of six others who demanded their wallets and phones.
Police say the suspects began punching and kicking three of the victims when two motorists stopped to help.
The arrival of help caused the suspects to flee the scene.
Police brought in a dog team to search the area and say they later arrested three men who remain in custody on unrelated criminal matters.
AND FINALLY: Halifax is one thing kids, but ya just can’t hold a candle up to the States …………………, or in this case, a blowtorch!
(P.S. We don’t know if this story is true or not ………………, but it doesn’t really matter since it makes one hell of a story! Remember our MOTTO, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”)

thHMEYRWL3Naked woman stabs blowtorch-wielding attacker in eye with screwdriver, Detroit police say!
Detroit (Free Press) — A woman stabbed her attacker in the eye with a screwdriver after she was forced into a car and burned with a blowtorch on Detroit’s west side this morning, according to police.

The woman was walking on Plymouth near Appoline, police said, when a man pointed a handgun to the back of her head and made her get into a small, beige, 4-door car.
“Once inside the vehicle, he struck her several times in the face,” said Detroit police spokesman officer Adam Madera. “And then he began ripping her clothes off.”
The woman, whose age and hometown were not available, fought back.
The suspect grabbed a blowtorch and began burning her legs, Madera said.
The victim said she grabbed a screwdriver, stabbed her attacker in the eye and escaped from the car naked.
She ran to a home in the 116000 block of Appoline, and someone dialed 911 shortly before 7 a.m.
The woman is being treated at a hospital for first- and second-degree burns to her legs.
Police are still looking for the suspect described as a black man about 23 years old, 6’2″, 180 pounds and armed with a blowtorch and handgun.
Police say he possibly has a stab wound to the eye, but he hasn’t shown up at any area hospitals yet.