CBS News is marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles‘ first American television appearance with a live media event, set to take place Sunday, Feb. 9, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. ET at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, 50 years to the day from when the Fab Four first performed on CBS’ “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
Anthony Mason, CBS News senior business correspondent and anchor of “CBS This Morning: Saturday,” will host and moderate the event, which will be live streamed on and

The rights to this song – and the other songs within the Beatles’ catalogue are owned by the estate of Michael Jackson (unfortunately).
Rumors have been flying for months claiming Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.
If the African-American  star were to play Johnny Storm, his casting would be groundbreaking as the character is traditionally portrayed as a Caucasian man – a significance not lost on the 26-year-old actor:  “It’s not just about that role — I think times are changing. It’s 2014,” he said. “Comic books in general were established when we didn’t have civil rights, for the most part. So there weren’t a lot of comic book characters who were geared towards us, period.”

(One of the staff here at Perspective suggested that Mike could play a white guy who got “black” from the soot………………………..!)
He is a German pop star who has put out eight albums, with his newest record featuring the single, “Higher Than Mars.” He’s also an award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in galleries and commercial campaigns. Fluent in five languages, an heir to an automotive fortune and a former friend to Andy Warhol during the days of Studio 54, 55-year-old six-time Olympian Hubertus von Hohenlohe, ahem, Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe (he is a descendent of German royalty), is representing Mexico on the Alpine ski course in Sochi. He has never meddled, but von Hohenlohe is the second-oldest Winter Olympian ever in the history of the Games.
Von Hohenlohe is the real-life most interesting man in the world.man2IPAD_635x250_1391948813

Has anyone noticed the connection between marijuana use and gay rights? Call us paranoid folks, but acceptance of gays, and gay issues seems to have risen in direct step with the use of, and legalization of weed. [sic]
I don’t want to be a scare monger kids, but could the gay community be promoting widespread marijuana use to make people at large ambivalent about gay rights and gay marriage? (Remember, ya heard it here first!)

On a more serious mote folks, Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to announce on Monday that he will instruct the Justice Department to extend full and equal protection to same-sex marriages in all of the programs it oversees. Among the considerations granted in the policy memo are that same-sex couples cannot be compelled to testify against one another in court, that they can apply jointly for federal bankruptcy, and that federal inmates can avail themselves of the same allowances as other married couples such as in visitation rights.

Could this be the gayest Olympics ever?

LGBT rights, sexual identity at forefront of Games despite Russia’s attempt to silence activism

A rainbow-inspired Google Doodle. Openly gay delegates sent to Sochi by foreign governments. A viral PSA promoting inclusiveness of LGBT athletes.
This could be adding up to be the most LGBT-conscious Games in history, says former gold-medal Olympic swimmer and openly gay athlete Mark Tewksbury.
“I don’t know if it’s a watershed moment, but it’s certainly a bit of a tipping point. It shows that the world as I knew it back in 1992 as a closeted athlete has changed,” he said.

German athletes model their Olympic team uniforms, which attracted global attention after observers commented that the uniforms appeared to be making a pro-gay statement. Officials denied that the designs were meant to be anything other than fashionable. (Ina Fassbender/Reuters)
If ya look at this whole Woody Allen abuse thing logically, it would appear that Mia Farrow orchestrated these charges as a “get even” for Woody taking off with Soon-Yi  …………………., BUT I AM AMAZED AT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME THAT WOODY IS GUILTY!
Look folks, all a woman has to do is make the allegation ……………., and the man is automatically “guilty until proven innocent!

(Or just won’t be found innocent!)
AND SPEAKING ABOUT SEX! Your ever inquisitive reporter just read an article about how “DRAGONFLIES” do it, and they talked about the insects contorting into these strange shapes as they mate, and all sorts of rituals and dances that they do, but all and all, they don’t do any of the really weird stuff like biting the heads off their mates ………….., so I quickly lost interest!   (I figured you would find it boring too!)

Dragonfly sex is a very conspicuous event, easily recognized by the heart-shaped “wheel” formation of mating pairs.
AND WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT: For some spider suitors, the arachnid equivalent of a box of chocolates is an insect wrapped in silk!