Folks, Canada is the best managed, (financially) and in the best shape of all the G20 countries, yet a recent poll suggests that Canadians think Justin Trudeau would do a BETTER job than Stephen Harper, and the NDP would do a better job than the Conservatives!!!!!!!
Either the poll is nuts ……………………, or Canadians are!
From Jan. 14 to 18, Abacus Data asked Canadians: How would each of the following federal political parties do in managing Canada’s economy?
Stephen Harper Thomas Mulcair Justin Trudeau
Excellent job 5% 4% 5%
Good job 19% 17% 22%
Acceptable job 35% 47% 43%
Poor job 23% 23% 21%
Very poor job 17% 10% 10%
Still a big kerfuffle about Woody Allen’s abuse charges …………, but it might be wise to remember that these allegations were made by Mia Farrow AFTER Woody dumped her for Soon-Yi Previn!
Just saying!
The writing is on the wall, bunky: Owning a car might not be the “right” it has been in the past.
Having your own personal transportation might be a very expensive “privilege” at some time in the not so distant future!
The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says.
Interestingly the problem is concentrated in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and the Eastern Block Countries.
All the Northern European Countries are generally on the up and up!
It’s open season on dogs in Sochi!
Packs of stray dogs are roaming the streets of the Olympic city, and the government has declared open warfare with a bounty on wild dogs, much the same as we have a bounty on wolves here in North America!
Mark Zuckerberg Is Making Fucking Insane Money This Year:  The boy king of NASDAQ has earned $3.4 billion dollars for himself this year alone, Bloomberg, reports, owing mostly to Facebook buoyant stock prices……………………………………., and it’s barely February.
I just read about some guy down in the States who played football even though he didn’t have any arms!
Seems he was the ‘place kicker’ for the team.
This guy should play SOCCER!
You can only kick the ball, or hit it with your head …………………… , touching it with your hands (If ya had any hands) is a NO NO, and this guy obviously wouldn’t be tempted!
A new terrorist group has reared its ugly head in the Middle-East: