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Le Baluchon, a cheese from Quebec, has been named “cheese of the year” in the inaugural Canadian Cheese Awards.
The cheese, from Fromagerie FX Pichet in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade, Que., won in the competition, which featured 76 producers from across the country submitting 291 cheeses for judging.
(Le Baluchon was also named best in the semi-soft cheese and organic categories.)
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Folks I was just going to make the Pakistani police force responsible for this our “Asshole of the Day,” BUT INSTEAD, I think the whole country should gain that distinction!
By Katharine Houreld
asshole trophyBaby Musa Khan appeared in court in the city of Lahore last week, charged with attempted murder along with his father and grandfather after a mob protesting against gas cuts and price increases stoned police and gas company workers trying to collect overdue bills.
images(The baby was apparently charged because an assistant sub-inspector complained in a crime report that Musa’s whole family beaten him up and injured his head.)

The baby is on bail and due to appear at the next hearing on April 12 but Yasin said he was not sure if he would take him to court for the case.
At his first appearance in court last week, Musa cried while his fingerprints were taken by a court official. Later, the baby sucked on a bottle of milk and tried to grab journalists’ microphones as his grandfather spoke to the media.
“He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?” Yasin asked journalists at the court last Thursday.
The provincial law minister, Rana Sanaullah Khan, told Reuters that the provincial chief minister had ordered an investigation into the charges against Musa.
One policeman had been suspended, he said.
“He has directed police authorities to take action against the officials who booked the infant,” he said.
(It’s no wonder that so many Pakistani’s are trying to get into Canada, boys and girls!-Ed.)

Thinkers from Aristotle onward have pondered how many universal, psychologically irreducible emotions humans can express.
Now, by analyzing the face, scientists might be closing in on an answer.
We have news from the Christian Science Monitor!

Researchers at the Ohio State University have found a way for computers to recognize 21 distinct facial expressions – even expressions for complex or seemingly contradictory emotions such as ‘happily disgusted’ or ‘sadly angry.’

20140407-fordgameOnce again, developers have enshrined Rob Ford’s foibles in the annals of video game history. First, there was Stay Mayor, an Android minigame that featured a cartoon Ford in a race against time to earn enough money to buy back the crack video. Then there was Flappy Bird clone Flappy Ford (because why not). This Hour Has 22 Minutes even made a video mock-up of an 8-bit Ford game (it’s not playable yet, but we’re hoping).
Now there’s Crackathon, an unpolished but weirdly addictive little platformer created by Nick Mostowich and Chris Ngan. The game allows you to play as a pixellated Ford avatar with a pasted-on face, dodging cops and cameramen in front of a Toronto skyline.
The player has to collect clouds of smoke, pot leaves and bottles of booze to win points (er, increase your “party score”) before the timer (or “public opinion”) runs out. There seems to be no in-game mechanism to increase public opinion, which leads me to believe that the real-life Ford has found some sort of cheat code.
The game features plenty of Ford’s most infamous sound bites (pick up a cloud of crack smoke, and you get a “probably in one of my drunken stupors”). The game-over screen? A giant photo of Ford hanging his head, with the message “YOU HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED”.

A Charlottetown bartender made it to the end of what could be a world-record setting bar-tending shift in the early morning hours Monday.
Phil Gallant tended bar at Hunters Ale House throughout East Coast Music Week. He served his first drink Wednesday morning and his last at about 2 a.m. Monday, 112 hours later.
Gallant has to meet a number of criteria set out by Guinness World Records before his effort becomes official. That includes submitting the 112-hour video of his work. (Right now he’s sleeping!)
The record attempt was also a fundraiser for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
imagesFKP4J4WVHey folks, another “aren’t ya glad we don’t live in the United States” story!
(I swear we don’t make this stuff up!)

Rochester, MN – Today, Aaron Miller announced the start of his candidacy for Minnesota’s First Congressional District seat. Joined by family and supporters at the Soldiers Field Memorial in Rochester, he outlined his reasons for running and why a change is needed in Congress.
“As a husband, father, and veteran, I know America can do better,“ said Mr. Miller. “We have a Congress that does not live by its own laws, is unable to pass balanced budgets, and votes against what working Americans want. It’s time for a change in how Washington does business.”
“I’m not a career politician and I don’t plan to spend the remainder of my life in Washington D.C.,” added Mr. Miller. “When I’m in Congress, I will work to pass real reform and get government working for us, not having us work to just pay for government.”
Aaron and his wife Jennifer live in Byron, MN where they are raising two daughters, Abigail and Emily. Aaron is an Account Manager with over 15 years of experience in healthcare. Aaron received his B.A. from North Dakota University. Aaron serves as a Command Sergeant Major in the Army Reserves and has been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and East Africa.
All American war hero, nice family, upstanding citizen …………………, religious nut!
Well, THAT’S something they conveniently forget to mention:
Aaron Miller, a Republican congressional candidate in Minnesota, said a big reason he’s running is to end classroom instruction on evolution, according to the Mankato Free Press.
Miller, a hospital account manager and Iraq War veteran, said during the congressional district’s Republican Party convention in Albert Lea on Saturday that Minnesota needs more religious freedom. He cited an incident in which his daughter was forced to learn evolution in school.
According to the Mankato Free Press:
He also called for more religious freedoms. He repeated his story about his daughter returning home from school because evolution was being taught in her class. He said the teacher admitted to not believing in the scientific theory to his daughter but told her that the government forced him to teach the lesson.
Miller first mentioned his daughter’s evolution lesson at the Blue Earth County convention in March, according to the Mankato Free Press.
“We should decide what is taught in our schools, not Washington, D.C.,” Miller, who won the Republican endorsement for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District on Saturday, said during his speech.
Despite Miller’s attacks on Washington’s influence on education, Minnesota’s academic standards in science are set by the state Department of Education.
Former state Rep. Allen Quist (R), who said he believes dinosaurs coexisted with man, has endorsed Miller’s campaign against four-term state Rep. Tim Walz (D).

(OH YEA, ALMOST FORGOT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. he wants to take social programs and health care away from the middle-class too! -Ed.)

Most of the midsize SUVs in North America did not fare well in a new small overlap front-crash test conducted by an influential safety group, in yet another jolt to the industry already shaken by safety concerns.
Out of the nine participating models, Toyota Motor Corp’s Highlander was rated “acceptable” while rest of the group earned “marginal” or “poor” ratings.
The worst performers in the test were Mazda Motor Corp’s CX-9 and Honda Motor Co’s Pilot, which sustained “significant structural collapse,” IIHS said.
In another test by IIHS in August last year, half of the small cars did not fare well either!
WELL FOLKS, THERE’S ONLY ONE THING TO DO …………………., we gotta start making the damned things out of RUBBER!

AND FINALLY; Yesterday comedian John Pinette and actor Mickey Rooney died, while musician Ted Nugent is still alive and kicking! (Life’s not fair kids!)