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Friday, 4 April 2014

AIDS is not a gay disease?

Dear Readers:

We here at printed this a few months ago ………, due to some mail we received from various members of the gay community claiming that AIDS was NOT a gay disease!!!

There seems to be a lot of debate lately over whether AIDS is predominately a homosexual disease, or not!
The reason I mention this is because the gay community is hesitant to accept blame for the widespread transmission of the HIV virus…… and they are getting more vocal in their insistence that they’re not to blame!

"People need to realize that AIDS is NOT a homosexual disease. The reason why HIV/AIDS is so prevalent is because there are people out there who are not protecting themselves when having sex, not to mention those who are victims of rape, and those who get it from sharing contaminated needles."

Look folks, that’s wrong! “LET’S GET THINGS BACK INTO PERSPECTIVE HERE!” (God I love that word!)
The TRUE story goes something like THIS: AIDS / HIV has been around for hundreds of years, and it always remained fairly rare because of the difficulty of transmission through regular, heterosexual intercourse!
(BUT, as it turns out, it is easily transmittable through anal sex, because this bursts blood vessels in the ass and allows the virus to get into the bloodstream!)
What started the AIDS epidemic was a French bisexual playboy from Montreal who got AIDS from somewhere or other in the late 70′s …………, (maybe from fucking a monkey….., I don’t know!) and then spread it through the gay community by having ANAL SEX with HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of gay partners over a very short time.
To make matters worse, since he was an International flight attendant for Air Canada, he started the epidemic in all the major cities that he regularly flew into! Montreal, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, etc. (-Jesus Christ, this guy was a regular “Angel of Death!”)
Once it got established in the gay community, through anal sex, it then spread like wildfire to everyone else!
Gay men would go home and give it to their wives, (although not as easily) and also spread it through intravenous drug use!)
So there ya have it boys and girls, proof positive that a Canadian was responsible for the AIDS / HIV epidemic! [sic] (Blame Canada?)

After we printed this article I got a response from a Christopher Reid, of Moncton, New Brunswick:
Aids does not discriminate. In placed like Africa where being gay is illegal – only straight people have aids. Also, I’m reporting this for hate speech.”

Ah, ladies and gentlemen, this reply goes to show that “ignorance really is bliss!”