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Monday, 14 April 2014

Bubba wins again!

Bubba Watson won the Masters Golf Tournament for the second time in three years!

Bubba was given his green jacket yesterday in Augusta, Georgia.

(For those of you who don't know Bubba, you might remember him as "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. from the long running hit TV series of the late sixties!)


Hey folks, put THIS in your pipe and smoke it!

What if the United States has been waging the wrong war against the wrong enemy for the last 13 years in Afghanistan? Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Carlotta Gall, who spent more than a decade covering Afghanistan since 2001, concludes just that in her new book, “The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014.”

OF COURSE THEY WERE:  Afghanistan was home to the Taliban, but they allowed Pakistan to promote and train Al Qaeda within their borders!

(Bush and the rest of those assholes were as wrong about this as they were about W.M.D.'s!)


The weather office has predicted cold temperatures and snow for Southern Ontario tomorrow!

If there is no post on this site for 24 hours it means I have committed suicide!


Northern Gateway officials say they have some work to do after a non-binding weekend plebiscite suggested about 60 per cent of Kitimat residents disapprove of plans to make their community the west coast terminus of Enbridge’s pipeline.

SO ..................., a bunch of Indians got together and said THEY are going to put an energy corridor across northern B.C.

Guess the residents of Kitimat sort of cut off their noses to spite their face. eh?


Italian fashion and leather brand Gucci, which is owned by French group Kering , has taken direct control of its shops in Moscow and will open two new sales outlets in the Russian capital, the company said on Monday.

The label founded in Florence in 1921 has six shops in Russia, including corners in luxury villages and malls.

It will now manage its stores directly to combat the rampant corruption in Russia!

Chief Executive Patrizio di Marco said the move was part of a strategy, to "enhance the consistency of our customers' experience across different markets through progressively taking control of stores that have historically been operated by franchisees and wholesalers".

Di Marco said the influence of Russian luxury consumers was growing, echoing Prada's chief executive, who also recently brushed aside questions about whether troubles there posed a risk for its business.

Gucci will open a new four-floor flagship store and a location in the upmarket GUM department store in Moscow in the second half the year, the company said.


HEADLINE: Man, 21, Wearing A "Drunk As Shit" T-Shirt Is Arrested For Drunk Driving!

Ross McMakin was collared after he drove his vehicle on the sidewalk, struck a parked car, and then assaulted his girlfriend when she tried to seize the car keys.

(Seems like it just wasn't a good day for Ross, folks!)


AND FINALLY: Speaking of drunk!