Folks, your long suffering reporter is ever grateful that I don’t suffer from all the common mental disorders that afflict a large portion of our population!
Yes boys and girls, we are slowly being consumed by our insane religious and political beliefs …, and I can’t see any way of stopping it!
There are the religious folk who claim that the bible is the literal truth, or Islam must be imposed on everyone for their own good, and politically we have Left Wing delusions like political correctness and tree hugging, while the Right insists on denying global warming and giving everybody guns! etc. etc.
Listen kids, if I got down to actually listing all the mental afflictions we as a group suffer from, I would need a lot more room than just what this blog affords, but suffice to say that the safe and sane middle ground is getting a lot less crowded lately.
Crazy headlines: “Man armed with potato robs convenience store!”

The British “Top Gear” has angered some of those left wing nuts we talked about at the start of this blog! (This is what they do, so nobody should be surprised!)
The guys were somewhere in Asia, looking at a steel bridge, when one of them said something like: “It doesn’t look all that straight, I think there’s a slope in it!” (The point is, that there was also an Asian man crossing the bridge!)
WELL! Didn’t everybody get their shorts in a knot!
(Listen folks, – as one of the protesters said: – “You can’t go around willy nilly, making double entendre jokes, because that just leads down a slippery slope!”)

imagesCAZPANQFTime to test your memory …………., remember those religious nuts we talked about a few minutes ago?
Well, over in Kabul, Afghanistan, a member of the Taliban, masquerading as a security guard, shot and killed three doctors in a hospital.
Now these three guys had volunteered to go over to Afghanistan to save lives …., so killing them makes absolutely no sense!
See what I mean about the insanity?
Speaking of “Politically Correct,” Joan Rivers is not the most subtle and discreet person we have ever met, but even she goes a bit too far at times!

2034eb54ee76370f520f6a706700f9ceAttorneys for two women held in a Cleveland home and abused for a decade say Joan Rivers should apologize for comparing living in her daughter’s guest room with the captivity they experienced.
Rivers and her daughter were discussing their reality show Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show when she complained about her living arrangements, saying, “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”
Like I said kids, there’s certain lines ya shouldn’t cross ….., and that was one of them!
Folks, as I said on numerous occasions, this is NOT a celebrity rag …………, but once in a while a story comes along that’s just too good to pass up!

In what is probably a hilarious argument but could be a brilliant diversion for a high-stakes casino heist, George Clooney and Steve Wynn are publicly insulting each other after a drunken fight at a Las Vegas hotel.
The dispute began at a group dinner at Wynn’s restaurant in the Encore a few weeks ago, but turned into a public he said/he said today after Clooney and Wynn both made statements to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Clooney blames Wynn for the dustup, saying the known Picasso destroyer insulted his close personal friend Barack Obama by calling the president an asshole.
I said the President was my longtime friend and then he said ‘your friend is an asshole.’ … At that point I told Steve that HE was an asshole and I wasn’t going to sit at his table while he was being such a jackass.
And I walked out. There were obviously quite a few more adjectives and adverbs used by both of us. Those are all the facts. It had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with character.
Wynn, for his part, says Clooney is a mean drunk who also threw a “hissy fit” when a CAA exec made a joke about Mikhail Gorbachev.
“When he’s drinking, he considers himself a close personal buddy of the president.
He got up and said, ‘I don’t have to listen to this (expletive) stuff. The only person who got excited at the table was George, and he ran off to another bar.”
Clooney’s partners were “mortified,” Wynn said.
“Clooney’s fun to be with when he’s sober,” Wynn added. “If you have a chance to drink with him, you want to get there early, and don’t stay late.

For centuries, before refrigeration, an old Russian practice was to drop a frog into a bucket of milk to keep the milk from spoiling. In modern times, many believed that this was nothing more than an old wives’ tale. But researchers at Moscow State University, led by organic chemist Dr. Albert Lebedev, have shown that there could be some benefit to doing this, though of course in the end you’ll be drinking milk that a frog was in.
Ice boxes first became available to consumers in the early to mid-19th century and, with that, the ice trade became big business. New England and Norway became major purveyors of ice, but anywhere it was cold, ice was a major export. Usually made out of wood with tin or zinc walls and insulation material like sawdust, cork, or straw, ice boxes were popular until they were rendered obsolete by the electrical refrigerator starting around the 1930s.
imagesDespite the prevalence of ice in parts of Russia, in certain small rural Russian villages many didn’t have access to ice boxes, so they had to find ways to keep things cold and unspoiled. A practice developed, that continued into the 20th century, as described by Dr. Lebedev from memories from his childhood,
[For] small portions of milk to drink, they used to put [a] frog inside… A small frog over there could prevent the milk from being spoiled.

This rather curious practice was an inspiration for a study and, then, a discovery that may lead to a significant new source of antibiotics. In 2010, scientists from United Arab Emirates University made an announcement that the secretions from certain frogs’ skins have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Using species native to African countries, they studied the compounds coming from the frogs, which are known as antimicrobial peptides and are a string of amino acids.

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