Anne Marie Hayes, president of a non-profit organization called Teens Learn to Drive, says that as a parent, she would not want her daughter in a vehicle with an instructor who had had his teaching licence revoked in the past three years.
Folks, do ya remember “Drivers-Ed” back in high school?
Well, it’s still around…………….., but boy! Has it ever changed!!!!
Ontario driving instructors have been stripped of their licences due to inappropriate — and in some cases illegal — activity, including selling alcohol and contraband cigarettes to students, visiting a strip club during an in-vehicle lesson and selling driver education certificates to students.
But the Ministry of Transportation says the public, including novice drivers and their parents, has no right to know who these instructors are. Roughly 300 have lost their licence in the past three years.
SPEAKING OF DRIVING: The Ford Mustang is fifty years old today!
This Iconic classic was introduced on this date, April 17th, back in 1964!
(This is a picture of mine!)

While we’re on the subject ……………… THIS is the best looking car ever made!

And these two Jaguars come a close second!

BUT, the best car I ever owned was a 2005 Hyundai Sonata GLX., (Which was a direct rip-off of the Jaguar X-Type!)


earth_101Scholars are now talking about the possibility of Jesus having a wife!
Well Jesus Christ! (No pun intended!) I was saying the same thing over ten years ago in the first edition of my book: ”The Plain Truth About God!”

imagesA5KX4S8MTurns out that guy who hacked the “Heart-bleed” thingy was from here in London………………..!
That’s right folks, he ran right past my living rood window yesterday, with three cops in hot pursuit!
(I hear they caught him!)
Speaking of cops going by your window ………………………………….!
(Watch THIS!)


BLACK-FACE IS BACK: Not since Al Jolson has there been this much controversy folks!
Runour has it that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to play Martin Luther King Jr. in a new biopic!

images0GLG02W6THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO EXPLAIN THIS ONE FOLKS: SAUSALITO —Workers at a Central California ranch could hardly believe their eyes when they spotted a sea lion pup hopping through an almond orchard. After discovering the confused animal last month at Mape’s Ranch near Modesto.
The ranch hands quickly called their boss, who got a hold of wildlife officials.
The 36-pound sea lion, nicknamed Hoppie, is recovering at the center in Sausalito where he is undergoing treatment for anal probes!
Officials suspect alien abduction!
(Folks, I swear we don’t make this stuff up!)
imagesCAH6HI7RNOW THEY’RE STARTING TO DO THIS JUST TO PISS US OFF: I got a cheque for five hundred bucks this week from a guy, and rather than wait three days for it to clear my bank, I just went to his bank and cashed it!

They charged me five bucks because I wasn’t a customer. (And at this rate I won’t be either!)
Then I find out that both Bell and Rogers phone divisions want to arrange it that they will no longer accept voice mail for ya unless it’s from another Bell or Rogers customer!
(Sort of make ya want to move into the mountains and tell everybody to fuck off, eh?)
AND FINALLY: This kid can’t even talk yet, but he has no trouble getting his point across!

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