Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Nigeria’s Islamist Boko Haram militants, said on Monday he would release more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by his fighters in exchange for prisoners.

The Agence France-Presse news agency said a 17-minute video shows the girls wearing full veils and praying in an undisclosed location.

(Shekau said that all of the girls willingly converted to Islam after seeing the error of their ways!)

“We don’t actually see [Shekau] with the girls, but we do see shots of around 130 girls. They’re all dressed in full-length, Islamic dress, wearing black and grey hijabs,” freelance journalist Anna Cunningham told CBC News, reporting from the Nigerian capital, Lagos.

“They are praying out in the open, under a tree, holding their hands up in pray and reciting the first chapter of the Islamic holy book Qur’an,” she said.

The president of Nigeria for weeks refused international help to search for more than 300 girls abducted from a school by Islamic extremists, one in a series of missteps that have led to growing international outrage against the government.
The United Kingdom, Nigeria’s former colonizer, first said it was ready to help in a news release the day after the mass abduction on April 15, and made a formal offer of assistance on April 18, according to the British Foreign Office. And the U.S. has said its embassy and staff agencies offered help and were in touch with Nigeria “from day one” of the crisis, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.
Yet it was only a month later, that President Goodluck Jonathan accepted help from the United States, Canada, Britain, France and China.



Manitoba Report!

Weird headlines abound folks, but here’s one that is not nearly as strange as it first seems: “Winnipeg announces the start of its surveillance and larviciding activities for the 2014 insect control season!”


Kids, Winnipeg is a literal “hell frozen over” in the winter with temps reaching -40 on the colder days, and summer brings 20 pound mosquitoes that have been known to carry away babies and small dogs!
The City of Winnipeg will continue using an integrated pest management approach which includes larviciding, residual treatments, and when necessary, fogging, to supplement these ongoing measures.
◾As in previous years, the Insect Control Branch continues to use four larviciding helicopters on contract.
◾The total number of staff working at the Branch will be similar to last year, with approximately 160 staff being employed.
◾Currently the Branch monitors and treats over 31,000 hectares of water area on an ongoing basis based on weather conditions.
◾Our Geographic Information System database contains approximately 7,000 standing water listings, many of which contain multiple sites.
◾Monitoring for adult nuisance mosquitoes in the New Jersey Light Traps began one week ago. The first trap counts and the AFA were posted yesterday, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 on the Insect Control website. The current New Jersey Light Trap count is zero.
Fogging will be initiated only when the requirements of the City policy, the AFA (Adulticiding Factor Analysis) Guidelines, and the Provincial Pesticide Use Permit are met. If nuisance mosquito fogging is required, the program will be carried out in the entire city, buffer zones respected, prioritizing first for areas with highest nuisance mosquito populations. For details on the AFA factors, please refer to the Insect Control website.

(It’s a fact that some of the early settlers were actually driven to suicide by the number of bugs out there in the early spring and summer!)


The man leading the Royal Ontario Museum’s effort to dismember and transport those remains to Toronto says he must review plans to handle both carcasses.

“My commitment when I came in was to do at least one whale and my hope is to do both of them,” Mark Engstrom, deputy director of collections and research for the museum, said during a break from the huge, smelly job.

“We’re doing the Trout River whale and then I have to reassess my budget and see where I am in terms of whether or not I can actually do the Rocky Harbour whale,” he said.

“I’ve incurred a few expenses that I hadn’t expected so it’s going to be tight to do both whales.”

Those extra costs include towing the first carcass from Trout River to adjacent Woody Point where it could more easily be worked on, Engstrom said. The second body is still resting in shallow water near the Rocky Harbour fish plant in Gros Morne National Park.


Mark Engstrom, Senior Curator and Deputy Director of Collections and Research at the Royal Ontario Museum, and his team, cut up the carcass of a blue whale in Winter House Brook, N.L., on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Newfoundlanders who want to keep at least one of two giant blue whales that washed ashore on the west coast of the island may get their wish.The man leading the Royal Ontario Museum’s effort to dismember and transport those remains to Toronto says he must review plans to handle both carcasses. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Daly

WOODY POINT, N.L. – Newfoundlanders who want to keep at least one of two giant blue whales that washed ashore on the west coast of the island may get their wish.



Folks, here’s one of the strangest headlines in Canadian history: “New Brunswick police hunt for Ontario man in Quebec!”

(So far they haven’t found him!)


As Hassan Rouhani approaches the first anniversary of his election as president of Iran, you would swear the country is suddenly starting to imitate Canada…..!

When asked how Rouhani was doing, a majority of Iranians said: “Rouhani who?”



News just in to the Perspective Research Department: China has been considering a high-speed rail line from Beijing to Washington.

The project was disclosed in an article in the Beijing Times newspaper, which revealed the high-speed line would be financed by Beijing and would start from Northeast China before running through a tunnel to the United States.

An engineer quoted by the Beijing Times said the rail network would be 13 thousand kilometres long and would run through the Siberian steppes, the Pacific Ocean, Alaska and Canada. The underwater tunnel would be built under the Bering Strait, which separates Russia from Alaska.

The tunnel, about 200 kilometres long, would be the longest underwater tunnel in the world, four times longer than the English Channel Tunnel.


Overall, the journey would take two days, with the train traveling at a speed of 350 kilometres per hour.


- See more at: http://www.canadastandard.com/index.php/sid/221893349/scat/71df8d33cd2a30df#sthash.JAH9Ih9h.dpuf


HERE’S ANOTHER WEIRD HEADLINE: Pistorius has anxiety disorder, psychiatrist tells court! (Yes, if I shot my girlfriend, I would have an anxiety disorder too!)


Folks, some days it’s just not your day …………………., and other days it is!

(When it’s not your time to die!)

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