Folks, do we all want to live to be this old……………………,, or is the biblical three score and ten good enough?
By Rebecca Cook
INKSTER Mich. (Reuters) – It was just a routine birthday for Jeralean Talley on Friday – a visit to the doctor in the morning, birthday cake in the afternoon for the Michigan resident.
Except that Talley, who turned 115 on Friday, is believed to be the oldest person in North America, and the second-oldest in the world, according to Gerontology Research Group, which validates ages of the world’s longest-living people.
Talley, who lives in the Detroit suburb of Inkster, credits her faith for her longevity. “It’s the Lord. Everything is in his hands,” she said in an interview at the one-story brick home she shares with her daughter Thelma Holloway, 76.
She now uses a walker, but Talley bowled until she was 104. She never smoked or drank alcohol and her only surgery was to have her tonsils removed, she said.
MEANWHILE: Ellie-May Thompson, 113, a neighbour and long time friend of Jeralean, was quoted as saying: “The bitch is lying, she’s not a day over 111!”


Folks, there are a lot of reasons why I get confused on these Saturday mornings, and this is one of them:
1057885-Royalty-Free-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Hairy-Nude-Shy-Man-Covering-Himself-Up-With-His-ArmsBREMERTON, Wash. (AP) — A 24-year-old Bremerton man told a Washington State trooper he was not wearing pants because he had recently received a body wax.
After the “manzilian” or Brazilian hair removal for men, he said his jeans irritated his skin so he was driving in his underwear.
(The Kitsap Sun reports ( a witness saw the man exposing himself Wednesday. He was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure.)
A mysterious meteor shower late Friday and early Saturday is captivating countless astronomers and amateur sky watchers with the promise of a falling-star show unlike any ever before seen.
The peak was expected between 3 and 4 am (0700-0800 GMT), according to Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office in Huntsville, Alabama. “However, I would recommend folks get out a bit earlier, just to be safe,” Cooke told the Perspective Research Department yesterday!
However……………. nuthin’ happened, as this photo shows!

Ryan Reynolds’s latest film may have been met with a less-than-warm reception at Cannes, but he’s still the cover boy for Hello! Canada’s list of Most Beautiful Canadians.
The Green Lantern star’s face fronts the magazine’s annual roundup of attractive Canucks. To be clear, the 37-year-old actor was not the winner of the faux competition, but at least he has some good news to end what must have been a difficult week.

Wanna see some of the others?
Ladies and Gentlemen, our “Asshole of the Day” is truly deserving of this title!
asshole trophy

You might remember a few months back when we had an article about fake reviews on the Internet and how you couldn’t believe them anymore………, well, this proves the point!
A woman wearing Google Glass was recently asked to remove the computer—infamous for publicized recordings taken by its entitled owners—before having brunch at a popular East Village restaurant called Feast. In retaliation, the diner and her 3,000 plus Google+ followers have extracted a search engine optimized pound of flesh.
In the year or so since Feast opened, the restaurant earned high four-star ratings on both Yelp and OpenTable.
But the neighborhood blog “EV Grieve” says the numbers dropped after Feast asked a walk-in customer named Katy Kasmai to remove the discomforting front-of-face apparatus late last month.
According to EV Grieve:

A few months previously, [Feast] had another diner wearing a pair and the restaurant received several comments about privacy from other guests. Restaurant staff asked the person to remove them, and he quickly consented. So when the other diner came in wearing Google Glass, management asked her to take them off before dining. She refused, and left the restaurant.

Suddenly, last week, 13 one-star reviews showed up on the restaurant’s Google profile, which, wouldn’t ya know it, is the most prominent result when customers search for Feast on Google.
Kasmai is both the founder of Glass NYC (a local community of Explorers™) and the CEO of Xocracy, a startup designed to facilitate “direct democracy” by voting on social and political issues “in real time.” After being asked to remove her device, she put all that activist juju towards decimating the score of a seasonal American restaurant.
SO HERE WE HAVE A WOMAN WHO OWNS: “a start-up designed to facilitate “direct democracy” by voting on social and political issues “in real time.” AND SHE USES IT TO CREATE FAKE REVIEWS FOR PLACES SHE DOESN’T LIKE!
Yup, a real ASSHOLE!
Saskatchewan Report
Several students will be disciplined for releasing hundreds of crickets in a Saskatchewan high school as a senior prank.
The Perspective Naked News department was informed that the students involved in Thursday’s prank at the high school have been identified and will be disciplined.
The district spokeswoman, Kara Droney, didn’t say what that would entail.
School officials aren’t saying how many seniors were involved, though the television station says it was about six.
School janitors and teachers were enlisted to help round up the bugs.

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