Well folks, since the Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, officials are now talking about sending the Tar Sands oil down south by RAIL!
There’s nothing to stop them from doing that ……….., !
It’s not nearly as efficient, safe, or environmentally friendly! (Just look at the Lac-Mégantic train de-railment!)
I just couldn’t resist this article submitted by the Naked News Department about adults acting like kids!
Will Campbell, The Canadian Press
TORONTO — An Ontario judge has scolded feuding neighbours for acting like children in a lawsuit centred on the dirty deeds of a dog in their ritzy pocket of Toronto.

74416-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Pleasantly-Plump-Woman-Covering-Her-Nude-BodyThe justice writes that the “high point” of the civil claim made by one set of homeowners against their counterparts across the street was a “poop and scoop” that was apparently dropped by the dog owner in the rival neighbours’ garbage can.
Evidence from a security camera of the dog urinating next to the bushes on the plaintiff’s lawn in the posh Forest Hill neighbourhood was also submitted — and, as Justice Ed Morgan writes, the case went “downhill from there.”
Court heard the beef stretched over several years and included complaints about the defendants parking their car in front of the plaintiffs’ house, standing and staring at the residence or walking by it with an audio recorder to catch conversations.
Morgan writes the defendants — a psychiatrist and his wife — seemed to relish picking at the “sensitivities” of their neighbours — an oil executive and his wife — even going so far as to pretend to snap pictures of their house.
4146-Religious-Adam-Covering-His-Sexual-Organ-Penis-With-A-Leaf-ClipartBut the judge dismissed those peeves as not being worthy of a legal dispute and writes that what the couples need “is a rather stern kindergarten teacher” and not an appearance in his Superior Court hearing room.

“There is no claim for pooping and scooping into the neighbour’s garbage can, and there is no claim for letting Rover water the neighbour’s hedge,” Morgan wrote in a ruling released Tuesday.
He scarcely concealed his distaste at the whole affair between two pairs of “educated professionals,” plaintiffs Paris and John Morland-Jones and defendants Gary and Audrey Taerk.
“Despite their many advantages in life, however, they are acting like children. And now that the matter has taken up an entire day in what is already a crowded motions court, they are doing so at the taxpayers’ expense.”
Noting that the dispute drained both couples of “tens of thousands of dollars” in lawyers’ fees, he declined to order either party to pay the other.
“Each side deserves to bear its own costs,” Morgan wrote.
Morgan’s scathing decision has become something of a hit online, and has earned the rare distinction of becoming a legal ruling that gets directly linked to by the Twitterverse.
CanLII, which posts Canadian judicial rulings, said that in less than two days the judgment has been viewed upwards of 17,000 times — eclipsing the usual 500 to 1,000 clicks that popular decisions draw in a week.
Read more: http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/judge-dismisses-poop-and-scoop-case-between-feuding-toronto-neighbours-1.1831637#ixzz32S2aGMes

General Motors has built up such a momentum in automobile recalls that they are starting to do cars they didn’t even build!


There is a web site called “The Wire” that had an interesting article which we are re-printing as a public service!

drunk5From the moment Palcohol became public knowledge, it was only a matter of time until someone would try to snort powdered alcohol. Palcohol creator Mark Phillips really tried to discourage people from snorting his product, launching a full blown powdered alcohol PSA, before the stuff has even gone on sale. In his informative video, he said snorting the product would “hurt. A LOT.”

Regardless, here we are, a mere two weeks later with the first documented powdered alcohol snorting. River Donaghey over at Vice decided to try it for himself, and put the entire experiment on the Internet for our enjoyment.

While Palcohol has not yet hit the shelves, there are recipes online for making your own powdered alcohol. Donaghey used a Popular Science recipe to make his version, which he thinks came out much stronger and more pure than what Palcohol will offer. Before he snorted it, Donaghey ate it straight, put it on pizza, and set it on fire.

As for the actual snorting, it lived up to Phillips unpleasant description:
Somehow, the powder turned straight into glue when it hit my sinuses. I was immediately plugged up. The fumes burned inside my nose, but only for the first minute or so. After that came an uneasy numbness. Maybe all the nerve endings were dead. There was no one left to sound an alarm.
The headache was still present—a throbbing pressure at my temples—but the powder drunk was giving me a weird, out-of-body feeling. If you like headaches and gummed-up sinuses and numb, dissociative drunks, you’re going to go apeshit for powdered booze.

april01At some point after snorting, eating and lighting it on fire, Donaghey passed out. He woke up at 4:00 a.m. with his “face caked with blood from [his] nose.” Overall, it sounds like a pretty heinous experience. Again, The Wire strongly, strongly discourages the snorting of Palcohol or any other powdered alcohol. Instead, we urge you to read Donaghey’s tale in full and avoid all white powdered stuff.

Thank you for taking one for the team and trying it, River. Now we don’t have to. (Neither should anyone else.)

Update, 12:09 PM: Actually, two people have documented their snorting experiences. Jeremy Glass over at Supercompressor was first to the powdered alcohol snorting game. He had a similarly terrible experience:
The bit that I pounded up my smell-hole burned like the time I snarfed Goldsclhäger at the 13th Step. I ended up with a righteous headache that made the proposition of a second round extremely unappetizing.

Thank you, Jeremy, for paving the way for powdered alcohol snorters everywhere.

Seriously, don’t do this. It’s a terrible idea.



1400761086000-AP-France-Trains-Too-BigFrance’s state-run railway service ordered 341 new trains before engineers discovered the fleet was too wide for many stations.
Nearly 1,300 out of the country’s 8,700 railway platforms are a few inches too narrow for the new trains, reports The Wall Street Journal.
The cost of widening these stations: $68 million.
Well, well, our “Asshole of the Day” lives just a few doors down from me here in Byron.
A London, Ont., teenager is challenging his school’s dress code, arguing that banning him from wearing his lycra bodysuit to class is more a human rights issue connected to his gender identity than a matter of appropriate fashion.

asshole trophyMaxwell Stewart, 17, said the schools decision to ban his made-to-measure bodysuit was about his identity. Stewart recently came out as androgynous – which means he doesn’t identify as strictly boy or girl but rather gender-neutral.
Stewart was told the bodysuit didn’t adhere to the dress code of London Central Secondary School.
“It came up that it was the crotch bulge, like the imprint, which I don’t think is especially noticeable,” Stewart said.
He says he feels most comfortable in the multi-coloured onesie and that the presence of other very popular form-fitting or revealing — clothes like yoga pants and midriff showing shirts — makes him feel singled out.
But Karen Edgar, superintendent with the Thames Valley District School Board, said that Stewart’s gender identity has nothing to do with the ban that reflects a dress code applicable to all students.

“Any student wearing clothing that is too revealing is asked to cover up… in fact we celebrate the individual differences of our students,” Edgar said.
The Thames Valley board already has a set of guidelines put in place that mandate the inclusion of LGBT students — a policy that is unique in Ontario.
Trans-youth activist and councillor Michelle Boyce helped advise on the rule book.
“A lot of transphobia is buried beneath other excuses, like dress codes,” Boyce said.
“Let’s face it, if you put 40 people in a room, you’re going to get 50 different opinions on what’s appropriate clothing-wise.”
Boyce doesn’t see a problem with Stewart’s chosen outfit if it’s not getting in the way of his, or other students, academic success.
For now the school said that Stewart can either wear the bodysuit with shorts or a T-shirt on top or get a less form-fitting one.
“As terrible as an experience as this has been, it has sort of helped me really accept who I am,” he said.


Now listen kids, (and I say this guardedly) I might be tone deaf, but even I had a hard time listening to this guy!

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