Folks, what is it with the Jews? (I just read about that shooting at a Jewish Museum in Belgium)
Speaking as a Canadian, we have problems with Arabs and Muslims, East Indian Sikhs, North American Indians, people from Nigeria, Russian mobsters and strippers, Mennonite drug cartels, crazy U.S. environmentalists and militia’s, whining French Quebecers, aliens in UFO’s, teenaged gangs, Right Wing religious nuts, Rush Limburger and that Hannity guy, Left Wing tree huggers, and Jehovah’s Witnesses!
The only groups we don’t have any problems with are the Jews and the Chinese ………………, SO WHAT”S THE PROBLEM WITH THE JEWS, FOLKS?
Manitoba Report
Winnipeg’s first cannabis lounge touts itself as a safe place to light up and connect with other medical marijuana users for support.
Vapes on Main, in the 1400-block of Main Street, has been open for about two weeks to anyone 18 or older who uses medicinal marijuana.
Owner Bill Vandergraaf, a retired Winnipeg police officer, said he hopes the club will create more awareness about medicinal marijuana use.
He said he got the idea after seeing similar clubs open in Vancouver and Toronto.
“I thought it was time for Winnipeg. I think it’s much safer to have people using medical marijuana where they can share their experiences, where we can educate the public … and simply create a peaceful atmosphere,” Vandergraaf said.
The private club is free to use but they are accepting donations to pay for things like coffee and munchies, he said.
No alcohol or other drugs are allowed.

After this past week’s military coup in Thailand, word has it that several groups within the country are advocating a return to the monarchy! (More specifically, they want Yul Brenner back as the King ………………., but the Perspective Research Department doesn’t see much chance of that happening!)
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Meanwhile: Thailand’s military junta said Monday that it would stay in power “indefinitely” and that its rule had been endorsed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej, (he took over after Yul Brenner) the monarch for nearly seven decades, who has semi divine status in the country.
Down in the States the Republicans just won’t let Benghazi die bunky, because that’s all they have to bitch about!
Their latest information come from some unnamed guy who knows the whole truth about what happened because he was on an airplane and a guy told him he knew a guy who was there, and that the CIA had been told to stand down …………., and also people are being threatened!
GET A LOAD OF THIS: The Office of the Auditor General is probing the operation of Yukon’s $75-million Whitehorse Correctional Centre, which is being branded a failure and a waste of taxpayers’ money by critics.
With a staff of more than 110, the jail costs $10-million a year to run, but currently only houses about 70 people, though it has a capacity for 194.
The majority of people in the jail are aboriginal, many of whom have substance abuse problems.
So in other words kids it just houses a bunch of drunken Indians!
Why don’t they do what prisons in other parts of the States do ………………….., bribe judges into give harsh penalties so that they can fill up the jail!


Newfoundland Report
imagesV7P0HFOPPolice were called to an elementary school Wednesday regarding a possibly intoxicated teacher.
Near 10 a.m. Wednesday, officers responded to Pinebrook Elementary School where Michael J. Corbett, 28, was charged with drunk in public.
Corbett was a second grade teacher, according to a spokesperson.
(Oh, did I mention that Corbett is currently on suspension!)
Activists are calling on Quebec’s new Liberal government to bring in stronger legal protection for animals in the province in the wake of a puppy mill raid in the Eastern Townships on Friday.
Animal protection authorities found more than 200 dogs being kept in inhumane conditions on a farm in Bonsecours. It’s believed to be one of the largest puppy mills found in Quebec.
The raid was just the latest case of animal cruelty in Quebec.
In April, undercover video shot by an animal rights group revealed mistreatment of baby calves being raised for veal at a farm in Pont-Rouge.
An online petition calling for changes to the province’s civil code that would recognize animals as sentient beings with rights, has garnered more than 42,000 signatures.


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