Count ‘em,
Two for the price of one!
The Government announced the approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline yesterday, which means thousands of jobs and billions of dollars pumped into our economy …., and both Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau came out against it!

For playing politics, and jeopardizing the economic health of Canada, these two guys are jointly awarded our “ASSHOLES OF THE DAY!”
asshole trophyThe federal government has conditionally approved the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline project between Alberta and British Columbia’s coast.
Before the 1,177-kilometre twin pipeline can be built, Enbridge Inc. has to meet 209 conditions set out by a joint federal review panel back in December.
Those conditions include consultations with aboriginal communities in B.C., and regulatory permits and authorizations from federal and provincial governments, Minister of National Resources Greg Rickford said in a statement.
“The proponent clearly has more work to do in order to fulfill the public commitment it has made to engage with aboriginal groups and local communities along the route,” he said Tuesday.

Opposition parties, along with environmental and First Nations groups, are vowing to do everything in their powers to block the project.
imageThe New Democrats immediately denounced the pipeline approval, saying it proves that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will do anything to push his “big oil agenda.”
Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair said an NDP government would immediately set aside the pipeline project after the 2015 election. He said Northern Gateway will be a “big ballot issue” in B.C.

“It’s an environmentally dangerous activity that could compromise the major economy of the whole province,” Mulcair said.
imagesBSB29M4YLiberal Leader Justin Trudeau also said the pipeline “will not be built” if he becomes the next prime minister.
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(Folks, pipelines are a far safer way to transport oil than by truck or train, and since Canada already has over 80,000 km of pipeline, – 1200 more is not going to make any difference! -Ed.)