Folks, I’m terribly confused and conflicted this morning!
During the past week I have been bombarded by Islamic ideology and learned how certain groups are hell bent on converting everyone to Islam, and making them good little Muslims.
I’ve been told that ‘Sharia’ will be the future ‘rule of law’ for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike!
Ive seen fanatics who claim they will bring about a ‘world order’ in which they set the standards, and we all dance to their tune.
Our Western way of life will be no more!
On top of all this, the gay community is making more demands for not only acceptance, but actual approval of their life-style, along with a general adaption of ‘gay’ morals and values by the rest of society.
Yes sir, they have gone so far as to claim not only equality, but demand preferential treatment because they are a minority!
This, ladies and gentlemen has left me in a conundrum about what I should be doing with myself to fit in with the rest of society before they come to take me away!
A true Saturday Morning Confusion!
Do I become a Muslim …………….., or turn Gay?
Yup, Pius or queer?
Or both!


I don’t know about River City folks, but they got trouble over in Oakland, California: Time to lay those quarters down in Oakland, after 80 years of pinball perdition.

Oakland is reversing a law passed in the 1930s which outlawed pinball machines as a form of gambling, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

(Pinball was considered gambling in Prohibition-era America — because they were, in fact, bet upon, according to the newspaper. Flippers came about in the 1940s, and pinball games continued unabated. Police, it seems, had moved onto more pressing matters — but the law never caught up with the reality.)


Well, boys and girls, they aren’t exactly high tech………………, but these machines do have a certain attraction!


Manitoba Report:

A Manitoba woman’s dream to play certain numbers in the lottery has come true by winning nearly $7 million on Lotto 649 this week!

(Of course, 10,566, 439 women dreamed of other numbers …………….., and didn’t get a cent.)


Rob Ford may be out of sight, but he’s not out of mind.

untitledHe has issued a press release from his re-hab stint up north.

(He presented a list of the top ten locations to celebrate pride week in Toronto!)

Unfortunately, they were all in Montreal!


Speaking of Pride Week and World Pride in Toronto:
Coming to World Pride next weekend: A musical revue featuring drag king Mounties, a host of divas, and “the von Trapp kids as you’ve never seen them before”. If that sounds like a blast of an evening, you’re welcome to join right in.

1144045-Cartoon-Of-A-Chorus-Line-Of-Naked-Men-Dancing-The-Can-Can-Royalty-Free-Vector-ClipartSinging Out, Toronto’s LGBT community choir, is hosting a Big Pride Sing-Along next June 28, featuring a lineup of Top 40 hits and showtunes with the lyrics broadcast for all to see on karaoke-style screens. The boisterous come-one, come-all sing-along is the first the 22-year-old choir has ever held at Pride.
“We’re known in the queer community, but not super-well-known,” says vice-president (and soprano) Genevieve McIntyre. “It’s really nice when we can branch out to the rest of the world.”

1110171-Clipart-Cartoon-Embarassed-Naked-Man-Covering-His-Privates-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationThe choir, which bills itself as “Toronto’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community chorus,” welcomes would-be singers from all over the city, regardless of musical ability. You don’t even need to audition to join – but you wouldn’t know that from their tightly-rehearsed soprano/alto/tenor/bass arrangements. At a showcase at the Glenn Gould Studio last month, their set lists genre-hopped from Top 40 pop and show tunes to classical and contemporary vocal pieces.
The pacing of their concerts vary even more widely, with tearjerking selections dealing with homophobia and suicide sandwiched next to goofy, boisterous odes to gay marriage and Jan Brady (topped off with a liberal smattering of drag).

(I can hardly wait! -Ed.)


Listening to Bill Maher this weekend he made a rather profound statement about the strife in the Middle-East: “This is a religious civil war, the same as the Christians (Protestants and Catholics) fought in the sixteenth century. Unfortunately, the only way to stop it is to let them keep killing themselves until they get tired of it!”


Extra Extra, a lot of the ‘anti-fracking’ bullshit, and lies, and mis-information, and propaganda, and scare mongering, is not only secretly spread by Mid-East oil countries, but increasingly by RUSSIA as well. (Seems there are already a handful of Baltic States that have banned fracking because of these secretly funded environmentalist campaigns!)

Keep that in mind the next time you see anyone protesting the XL or Keystone pipeline, or any sort of fracking for gas in North America!

THAT'S RIGHT,  you walk right up to those fracking protesters and demand to know who is paying them, giving them grants, funding them, or any other method by which they are able to operate!

It won’t be anyone here in Canada!



Remember when the weather department issues that big warning: “3 more months of shitty weather!”

Well, it looks like the oil business is taking some lessons from them ………..,. a new report just came out that said: “3 more months of high prices!”

(That’s not funny!)


The LOONEY LEFT is at it again folks!

untitledMayoral candidate Olivia Chow is proposing building 200 kilometers of bike lanes within four years.

Now here’s the good part……………., they will be built underground, but replace subways!

That’s right bunky, come rain or shine, summer or winter, those underground tunnels will provide a perfect environment for bicycling around the city, and nary a tree or bird will be affected!

Sounds like a good plan to us! [sic]


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