How would you like to live without electricity?
Could you live without electricity?
Well hang on to your ass folks, because it could happen at any time.
Your ever inquisitive reporter just read an article about ‘solar storms’ and ‘x-ray flares’ etc. etc. and I came to the realization that we were fortunate to have dodged the bullet on a number of events that have happened in the recent past.
It seems that ‘electromagnetic pulses,’ whether they come from flares or sunspots on the sun’s surface, x-ray flares from Black Holes, neutron stars, pulsars, Death Stars, or even a nuclear explosion 500 miles above the Earth’s surface, produce energy that travels along hydro lines and burns out generators and transformers!
(One recent example of this was the blackout of Quebec back in 2012, because it was directly facing the sun when a flare crashed into our planet!)
A medium sized one was in 2003, and a bigger one happened in 1965 when the entire eastern half of North America was without power! (Fortunately, most of that energy went into the North Atlantic!)
I am mentioning all this because we just missed a BIG ONE that could have knocked out the electricity over half the globe!!!!!!!!!
If this happened it could take years to get the power back on, and in the meantime a significant percentage of the human population might starve and freeze to death.
And that’s not IF, folks ………………………., it’s WHEN!
imagesGQ2NAW60(There was a flare about a hundred and fifty years ago that would have killed power over the entire globe, but at that time we just had a few telegraph stations, and they were easy to fix!)
We spend all this money looking for asteroids and comets, kids, when we should be hardening our electricity grid against these dangers, because the chances of getting fried is a lot greater than the chances of getting bonked!


Poor Mike Duffy: As if getting charged by the R.C.M.Poo. for all sorts of stuff wasn’t enough, now some woman has come out of the woodwork to claim he fathered a kid with her. (Not surprisingly, the kid was also fat and bald!)


Puking in a cab is getting more expensive, folks!

VANCOUVER — If you’re feeling queasy, step away from the cab. That’s the advice from taxi drivers across British Columbia after the province’s Passenger Transportation Board approved a new fee.

It allows drivers and companies to charge a $75 fine, on top of the flag fare, to passengers who soil or damage the interior of a vehicle with bodily fluids or solids!

imageDrivers have always been permitted to charge for the cost of cleaning vomit — or any other nasty substance — from cabs, but the new rule sets a specific rate, giving cabbies and their companies more certainty about how to handle spewing patrons.

Calgary City Council imposed a $100 charge on vomiting passengers earlier this week. A $25 fee is charged in Toronto, after Councillors approved it in February.

(Now who would have guessed it would be cheaper to puke in T.O. than out West!)

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There’s a stereotype that women are chattier than men. New research, however, finds that female loquaciousness only comes out in certain situations.


For example, men will talk a lot when they have something to say!

Women will talk a lot whether they have something to say or not!

It has been claimed previously that women speak about 20,000 words a day – some 13,000 more than the average man.

The reason?

A study just published suggests that higher levels of the protein Foxp2 are found in the female brain.

We here a The Perspective Research Department think it is because women are more auditory, and men are more visual!

Yup, if the ladies see something that interests them, they want to talk about it, while the men see something, and want to look at it!

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It’s been a good week for Mark Zuckerberg.

His Facebook shares took and big jump and made him 5 billion bucks!


Six people have been rushed to hospital after a vehicle crashed through the front doors of a Costco store here in London, Ont.

London police said the incident took place around noon ET.

Witnesses inside the store said they heard a car engine revving before a red sedan hit the glass doors.

Police said the car reversed and went through the front door, with the car ending up completely inside the store.

(The store has been closed for the day as police continue to investigate the incident.)


Although this happened in the south end of the city, folks, I still felt a general disturbance in the force over here in Byron when it happened!


Let’s face it bunky, Arabs are a lot more hot tempered than us cool headed northern Europeans, and this guy proved it once again.

imagesX6IHYEAQSome idiot on a fight down south wanted something from the fight attendant and either couldn’t have it, or didn’t get it fast enough, or got the wrong thing ……….., but whatever the problem was, he got all bent out of shape and threatened to blow up the airplane!

Now listen here folks ……………………., it doesn’t matter how stupid, mad, excitable or irrational you are, ya don’t THREATEN TO BLOW UP AN AIRPLANE, ESPECIALLY WHILE YOU’RE AT 30,000 FEET!

Two American jet fighters escorted the jet back to Toronto, and Mr. Congeniality was dragged …………., kicking and screaming, off the plane!



And way down south in Washington, House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to proceed with a lawsuit against the President has “opened the door” to the third presidential impeachment in the nation’s history, Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters at a Friday breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

The Republicans have been searching high and low over the last several months for a reason to start Impeachment proceedings against Obama, and as soon as they find one, they will drag his ass before Congress to answer to those charges, whatever they turn out to be!

Stay tuned!


AND FINALLY: The Hamas – Israeli conflict explained in one short video!

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