Dear Readers:
My dad used to say “give them a little finger, and they will take your whole arm!”
This cute little quote can be used in a lot of situations, but two in particular come to mind this morning!
The Gays and the French!
First of all we mentioned that the LGTB community just won’t quit pushing when it comes to their version of “equality,”…………….., to the point of constantly harassing Rob Ford because he has made it clear that he won’t attend any gay pride parades!
Yesterday Toronto City Council publicly thanked the LGTB community for this years big ‘Pride” festival, and everyone gave them a standing ovation ……………., everyone, that is, except Ford and a few others who just clapped, but didn’t stand!
WELL, didn’t the shit hit the fan then!
All sorts of nasty comments today about Ford’s lack of participation in worshiping at the “Gay Altar!”
Next come those arrogant, whinny, despicable French ………….., with another slap at the English majority here in Canada!
(Remember, Winston Churchill once said the French were the “Best Second Raters in the World,” and that’s exactly what they are, the best at being second best!”)
The reason for this mornings tirade against the French is because if you phone the Canadian Radio Television Commission, (CRTC) the regulator that controls broadcasting here in Canada you can only do it in FRENCH! (There is no “press 1 for French and 2 for English” -Ed.)
The reason is simple bunky, the CRTC head office is in Quebec ……………….. and they have a French only policy there.
Which leads me to think we should have an English only policy in the ROC. (That’s French-speak for “The Rest of Canada, folks!)


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