From the Perspective Naked News Department comes a story out of the United States that shows Americans really are a clueless bunch.

You’ve already heard that a good percentage of these geniuses don’t believe in evolution, and that the Universe is only 6000 years old, BUT …….., on top of not being born in the United States [sic] we now find out that 20% of U.S. citizens think President Obama is a Muslim. (30% of Conservative Republicans.)

(By the way, Obama has the support of 3/4 of U.S. Muslims, but only one out of five Mormons!)


4146-Religious-Adam-Covering-His-Sexual-Organ-Penis-With-A-Leaf-ClipartOn a different front, the Selective Service System in the States mistakenly sent notices to more than 14,000 Pennsylvania men born between 1893 and 1897, ordering them to register for the nation’s military draft ……………. and warning that failure to do so is “punishable by a fine and imprisonment.

(Well, I don’t know about you kids, but it seems to me that failure to report ended in a death sentence!)


Meanwhile, back here in Canada the Supreme Court has upheld the Ontario government’s right to permit industrial logging on a First Nation’s traditional lands. Today’s 7-0 ruling comes on the heels of a historic judgment in the Tsilhqot’in case in British Columbia that changed the way governments must deal with First Nations over land where aboriginal title is claimed.

At the same time the hereditary chiefs of the Gitxsan First Nations of B.C. served notice Thursday to CN Rail, logging companies and sport fishermen to leave their territory along the Skeena River in a dispute with the federal and provincial governments over treaty talks.

As long as they stay the hell out of Caledonia!


Manitoba Report

gfFolks your humble reporter doesn’t know if wolves are naturally curious, or just plain stupid, but a pack of wolves managed to get into a polar bear enclosure at a Winnipeg zoo.
The Assiniboine Park Zoo says it has made some changes after the wolves dug a tunnel from their enclosure to visit the bears.

Media reports say five wolves walked around without disturbing two female polar bears that were asleep at the time.


Boy, your eyes sure do play trick on ya as you get older!

Here’s what I thought a headline said after a quick glance: “Godzilla toll nears 100, monster threatens Israeli airport!”

Here’s what it REALLY said: Gaza toll nears 100, militants threaten Israeli airport


4162-Naked-Man-Wearing-A-Wooden-Barrel-Around-His-Waist-ClipartIn the scientific world they have a group of people who are trained to control what they dream………….. They’re called “Lucid Dreamers!”

After a bit of study, scientists found out that these lucid dreamers liked to dream about “Flying” and “Sex!”

Or sex and flying!

Or just sex!


We had a coyote warning around our place over the past few days but listen to THIS:
Police in the Maine town of Oakland are looking for a pig that threatened two children walking through the woods.
Capt. Rick Stubbert tells the Morning Sentinel that the children were walking along a trail in the wooded area between the local middle school and the high school at about 1:45 p.m. Tuesday when the pig confronted them “screaming at the kids and chasing them.”
The children were so frightened they flagged down a police officer. The cops, and animal control, responded to the scene ………, and although they found tracks that confirmed the pig was real, they didn’t find the animal.

This must be Maine’s version of BIGFOOT!


Hey, did ya hear the latest? A special message for all you anti-pipeline assholes!

asshole trophyA freight train with a bunch of tanker cars jumped the tracks at Brockville last night and they had to evacuate all sorts of people!

Aren’t ya glad they weren’t using one of those safe and efficient PIPELINES?


And finally:
Inventor-Hugo-Gernsback-is-demonstrating-his-television-goggles-in-1963The Perspective Research Department managed to obtain this photo of an early prototype of "Google Glasses" folks!
The amazing thing is that this was less than twenty years ago!

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