A couple of notes about the left and right wing media here in Canada this morning.
(By right wing, I mean, of course, Sun News and Sun TV, while left wing is just about everybody else!)
Although I don’t hear cries of “hidden agenda” lately, left wing coverage of the Conservatives, and especially Harper, continues to be antagonistic and downright mean!
Trudeau, meanwhile, is given a pass on most things, even though he is invariably out of his depth on both policy and ideology.
In Ontario, Rob Ford, a Conservative, is hounded by the left (even though a lot of his wounds are self inflicted) while the likes of Olivia Chow, and David Miller before her, are portrayed as doing no wrong, and almost beyond reproach.
Then there was that riot they had on the steps of City hall in Calgary over the weekend, which Sun TV spent two days on, while CBC and the rest of the left wing media have not even given it a cursory mention.
(In case you don’t know CBC watchers) ……………….., 900 pro-Palestinian supporters (left wingers) beat up a handful of Israeli supporters in the shadow of city hall, and the cops were nowhere to be seen!)
Now I don’t necessarily agree with everything Sun TV says kids, but at least it’s refreshing to get an opposing point of view now and then.
Only in Canada, you say?

Folks, if nothing else, this is one weird story: Andrea and Bill Groner managed to keep their lottery windfall in the immediate family for seven months.
imagesCA8VG99LBut the Edmonton couple’s exciting news is now out — they are the mystery winners of the $50-million Lotto Max jackpot from Dec. 20.
Andrea discovered the win two days after the draw when she stopped at a shopping mall and checked the ticket at a self-serve scanner. The couple decided to keep to their normal routines for awhile and continued to work.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/a-50m-secret-edmonton-couple-reveals-lotto-max-win-after-7-months-1.1926434#ixzz38IZiHXba

Since this is the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing, we would like to point out some “revisionist” history that is making the rounds:
untitledWhat Neil Armstrong meant to say as he descended from the ladder of Apollo 11′s Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) and stepped onto the lunar surface, thus becoming the first person ever to set foot on the moon, was “That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” Unfortunately, however, Armstrong flubbed his line in the excitement of the moment, omitting one small word (“a”) and delivering the line as “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” The missing article made a world of difference in literal meaning, though — instead of a statement linking the small action of one man with a monumental achievement for (and by) all of humanity, Armstrong instead uttered a somewhat contradictory phrase that equated a small step by the human race with a momentous achievement by humankind (“man” and “mankind” having the same approximate meaning in English). Nonetheless, since the quote as actually spoken by Armstrong still sounded good, and most everyone understood the meaning he intended to convey, his words were widely repeated that day and have since joined the pantheon of the most well-known quotes in the English language.
NO, that’s not right folks!
Remember, I was there, and heard it! (No, not on the moon ……., on TV!)
The controversy didn’t start right after he said it kids, the whole kerfuffle started years later when the feminists and politically correct crowd got a hold of it, and said Armstrong must have meant “a man,” because to say “man’ would suggest a sexist remark!
For anyone who watches “The Big Bang Theory” you will already know about “Comic-Con!”
The four-day festival celebrating film, TV, video games, comic books, costumes and other popular arts kicks off with a preview Wednesday night and goes full force Thursday at the San Diego Convention Center. More than 250,000 fans are expected to attend the sold-out event, where studios will offer exclusive previews of their latest properties.
Expect to see Howard, Raj, Sheldon Leonard and Penny there as well as Will Wheaton!

This guy is our “Asshole of the Day” for the next WEEK!
asshole trophyHOUSTON (AP) — A New York City real estate heir who admitted killing his neighbor a decade ago in Texas is facing a new charge in Houston that accuses him of urinating on candy at a drug store.
Authorities say 71-year-old Robert Durst was arrested Sunday and charged with criminal mischief — specifically, urinating on at least $100 worth of candy at a CVS store. Witnesses said there was no provocation, and that Durst calmly left the store after the act.
His attorney, Chip Lewis, said in a statement Tuesday that they will address the allegations in court.

Hamlet liked his mother ……………. A LOT!
Extra, Extra, Bulgaria’s Prime minister has just resigned!
Folks, I don’t know what the big deal is since i was never that fond of them in the first place, but John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle and Terry Jones took their final bows as Monty Python last night in London after 50 years of performing as the iconic comedy troupe.
The emotional finale was the last of their farewell stage shows in London’s O2 Arena, and the surviving pythons said it would be their final performance together ever.
The men, who are all in their 70s, performed some of their best-loved material including their famous lumberjack song and the dead parrot sketch.
Surprise guests included self-professed Python fans like British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Canada’s own Mike Myers.
On the red carpet before the show, Myers told Reuters how he was influenced by the famous funnymen:
“Python are the mack daddy of comedy. I mean if there was a periodic table of elements of comedy Python would have Pythonium…everybody who does anything, you know, are influenced by Python.”
About 15,000 people watched the sold-out show from the O2 Arena, but the festivities were also simulcast to thousands of movie theatres around the world, including a cinema in Calgary.
When weather knocked out their satellite feed, the audience carried on the finale themselves singing Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.

We got trouble in the “Royal City” folks!

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth’s racehorse Estimate, the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup winner, has tested positive for the banned substance morphine, Buckingham Palace said on Tuesday.
“On Thursday 17th July the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) announced that a number of post-race samples, obtained from recent race meetings, had been found to indicate the presence of morphine, which is a prohibited substance on race days,” John Warren, the Queen’s bloodstock and racing advisor, said in a statement.

The queen, meanwhile, was questioned briefly at Scotland Yard before being released on her own recognizance!



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