Dear Readers:
As promised, the new anti-spam laws are drastically cutting down on the number of spam messages we get in the mail every day!
The only problem is that this law only applies to stuff from within Canada, so all the other shit just keeps right on coming!
That’s right folks, all the mail that I at least found ‘mildly’ interesting has been stopped……………………, but all the shit I have absolutely no use for, like the Chinese stuff, 三連単を狙わず確実に取れる三連複で狙い撃て (?), the crap from Nigeria, the ‘penis enlarger,’ the Polish hair grower, and the Russian hookers all continue unabated!
Even if it was stuff I could read it wouldn’t be that bad kids, but instead I get things like this: Бронируйте на заезды от 3-х суток и живите по цене от 1600 руб. в сутки с 3-х разовым питанием в комфортабельном номере со всеми удобствами. and this: 销售预测与生产计划谁说了算y, and this:大宗生意销售和大客户管理e and finally, the deluge of things I get from this broad…….. who claims to know me quite well:

HI! Its me Adriana remember me? We chatted on Facebook (no)
I got my webcam working again … Im horny and I wanna show you my sexy ass!
Lets hookup together!
Get dirty with me Hun.
Well, at least the last one is good for a laugh, and the spam has gone from spam to “spam lite,” but just the same I wish it would all STOP!

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