Dear Readers:
There isn’t anything that is going to solve the problems in the Middle-East anytime soon since some Arab States are committed to the destruction of Israel, and the Jews are committed to populating the West Bank with settlements to the point where the Palestinians are forced out!
The problem with Hamas is another matter entirely!
They are able to lob missiles into Israel at anytime since they have the support, or at least the tacit approval, of the Palestinians in Gaza!
So, how do you remove that support?
Don’t strike at Hamas strongholds, or missile sites, or anything else ……………,, just send a missile back into Gaza for everyone they throw at Israel.
Don’t target anything specific, just toss them in, and let them land where they will!
(Now I have to admit that Gaza is more heavily populated than the part of Israel they are targeting, but this makes it all the more effective!)
Betcha this will make the locals in Gaza will put a stop to Hamas in short order!


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